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MasterCourse: Realistic Tattooing

Learn how to make it real from the experience of a Tattoo Master.

with Coreh López

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“No Masterpiece was created by a lazy artist”

- Salvador Dalí

Tattooing realism is not a piece of cake; you know that. It is giving life to a tiger's gaze, making every wisp of hair of a beloved pet, and creating portraits that look as true-to-life as possible. Tattooing requires patience, knowledge, and a lot of effort.

It's so much hard work that many people never make it.

I can provide you with the knowledge you lack, show you my 6-step technique, and give you new tips. You can apply it tomorrow if you want. But if you're unwilling to work hard, get out of here now

How much do you charge for your tattoos?

Clients are willing to pay for a well-made tattoo. They're looking for an excellent result. They want their child's portrait, not their neighbor's. They want a lion, not a dog in a wig.

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If you want to be someone's first choice, you must be the best and prove it. As simple as that. It does not take an expert to see whether a realistic tattoo is well-made.

Are you trying hard enough to improve?

In my beginnings, I wasn't good enough, but I improved through trial & error (a.k.a self-taught). It was not bad, but it took me 11 years, giving me many headaches.

One of the most effective ways to become a master is to learn from other masters; the earlier you start, the better. There have always been two ways:

  • If you're lucky enough, you may be their apprentice and spend hours with them, watching what they do.
  • Sometimes, you can also attend one of their face-to-face seminars and get some tips.

Thanks to the new tech, I'll introduce you to the third option. I've been working on it for the last couple of years with 10 Masters - a collection of everything I've learned so far. Raw and uncut.

No matter where you live, we'll give you unlimited access to it through best-in-class recorded videos and downloadable content. As a member, you can control what you want to watch whenever you want—using any device at your own pace.

So, It's up to you!

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Take a look at my last tattoos:

"The ultimate program to REALISTIC TATTOOING"

Do you have one hour a day?

If you know the basics or have experience, you will find tips and tools to level up in this course. You can watch only what you need: what you don't is saved forever, just in case.

But if you're beginning, and you're not even sure what a saturation is yet, then... you could use an in-depth plan.

This course, followed from start to finish, consists of a program that allows you to watch it for an hour a day, gradually and at your own pace, either by practicing on synthetic skin or paper. In contrast, you follow my steps and instructions or study the professional methodology. You can also dedicate weeks to follow the process of several realistic tattooing processes, and if something becomes difficult for you... you can watch it again later, as many times as you want. The ones who get the most out of this course's content are beginners.

If you dedicate that time, you will be (at least) four months in continuous learning. If you have one hour a day, then it is up to you.

Well... should we start by working on the darkest or the lightest areas? Should details be left for last?

There is always a right way to do it – and in my MasterCourse, you will learn what it is.

I'll teach you my methodology: knowing the appropriate steps to follow, which type of needle or machine you should use for each tattoo, and why and how you should touch up realistic tattoos.

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I'll also tell you about composition, photo editing before starting the tattoo process, the workspace, and more. To do things correctly, you must know what the correct way is.

Did you know you can identify lines, shadows, and fills in an image through Photoshop?

Is the machine you use the one that works best for you?

From theory to practice

This program includes many hours of content in which I'll tell you about what I do before, during, and after the tattoo session. And, of course, you'll put it into practice with seven complete Tattoo Masterclasses.

Over more than 40 hours of tattooing, without missing a single minute, I'll teach you how I work on a celebrity portrait, a female portrait, a portrait on a hand, different animal parts, a picture of a tiger, a white dog & a realistic eye. I'll use the videos to explain the peculiarities of each tattoo.

Furthermore, thanks to the 10 Masters HUD, you can see which needle, ink, machine, and voltage I use every moment. And you don't have to get closer to your screen to see it in detail - we bring the image closer to you with Super-Zoom during the most technical moments of the videos.

Our Online Learning Platform enhances your tattooing skills.

Some people say it's impossible. They may be referring to courses with an expiry date, in which the tattooist only explains what works for them - and avoids mentioning their best tips.

Meanwhile, after three years of work with the 10 Masters team, we've created the first - and only - specific platform that hosts an experience adapted to what we, as tattooists, need.

We are better than face-to-face seminars: ultra-close shots, tattooing in slow motion, an on-screen HUD, questions during the course, seven complete tattoos in detail, downloadable documents… Plus, there's no expiry date, so you can watch it as many times as you want.

Some are saying that it's a ground-breaking innovation. However, the only thing I'm worried about is being able to teach you everything I know - and that you notice how your tattoos evolve from there on.

What if you have questions?

Don't worry: ask directly to the community!

To offer you a private and personalized experience, 10 Masters includes a button under every video through which you can ask anything you need with the community and me. Every question you send is saved under the video – no matter if you follow the course from an iPad, Phone, or PC.

See you there!

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What's included?

+72 hours · 7 tattoo how-to's · 5 E-books in PDF · Unlimited access

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Mauro Alves
Verified user
Just finished this updated online course. Must recognize, at the beginning, i was not sure about this, but now im finish, i only have good things to say about this learning. It's absolutely amazing, and Coreh makes things look so easy cause of the way he explains everything...things i even had think about it and had no idea, i definitely recommend it. Coreh himself always answered me on instagram about some doubts i had, and its very good when you have personal feedback from the master. So, thank you VERY much Coreh and all his team behind!
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6 Lessons · +6 Hours · Step-by-step guidance

'Da Vinci was a great master... now it's your turn.'

All Realism tattoo artists have done some sculptures: the best ones, even arms, and full-backs. I'm not telling you anything you don't know.

But... But why? The answer is simple: there are a lot of customers who want to get realistic sculptures tattoos.

For several years I specialized in this type of tattooing, and I learned several tricks that help me to give my clients what they are looking for. The secret: I managed to master it by practicing on synthetic skin.

In this workshop, in addition to the complete process of a realistic sculpture, I show you some of these tips, for example:

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  • How to use two contrasting textures to generate a sense of softness in a sculpture.
  • How to make cracks starting with the lightest shade.
  • How to use light tones on synthetic skin.
  • How to tattoo hair, beard, and facial features on sculptures.
  • When to make the background dark or light.
  • How to avoid making your sculpture look dirty.

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12 lessons · Duration: +16 hours · Quality: Full-HD · Language: English

'How should tiger's whiskers be tattooed?'

Learning is Good. Doing is Better. That is why, in addition to a complete process in 3 sessions of a realistic portrait of a huge Tiger, this Mastercourse includes different exercises on synthetic skin so you can practice tattooing different parts of animals. Because to tattoo it entirely right, you have to learn it separately.

It includes different step-by-step processes where I'll teach you the secrets to tattooing any animal part: whiskers, eyes, various sizes of fur, and teeth.

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You'll learn how to tattoo any animal, such as tigers, dogs, cats, and lions, and you can put it into practice quickly following every step I'm doing at your own pace.

We will start the course by talking about realistic tattooing techniques. At the end of the module, you will assist in a Masterclass where I will show you my review of my best animal tattoos, including unusual animals such as chimps, crocodiles, and others.

Throughout these lessons, you'll learn the following:

  • How to tattoo tiger's whiskers.
  • How to tattoo a full tiger in human skin.
  • How to tattoo using my 6-step method.
  • How to tattoo lines, fillings, shadows, saturations, and highlights.
  • How to tattoo any animal hair.
  • How to practice on fake skin.
  • How to create realistic teeth and tongue.
  • How to make the nose and the eye of any animal.
  • Use different round mags to create hair effects.

The Masterclass: Realistic Animals is also available separately.

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Drawing process · + 4 h · 10 Downloadable exercises

Does it matter how I draw Realism?

The better you draw Realism, the better you tattoo it: there is no mystery here. Still, we have all put on a blindfold at some point and stopped drawing, believing that we would "magically" improve.

I have developed a precise methodology by which you can learn to tattoo Realism as you draw. It's basically about applying the ten guidelines of Realistic drawing to help you understand and practice the tattoo process while, at the same time, improving your level.

In this new block, I dare you to overcome the "The 10 Skulls" challenge and to observe how your level increases drawing after drawing, day after day, regardless of your level.

Throughout this module, besides watching how I draw the 5th Skull from beginning to end, one step at a time, you will also learn:

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  • How to tattoo Realism step-by-step
  • How to make the most of your time to learn the Realistic tattoo methodology as you draw
  • The ten fundamental drawing guidelines
  • The behavior of lights and shadows in a Realistic figure
  • How to apply highlights using basic supplies
  • What pencils and blurs do I use in each step
  • And the steps I take at each stage of the whole process

This module is available inside this MasterCourse for a limited time only.

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New Update!


6 lessons · Duration: +6 hours · Quality: Full-HD · Language: English

'A white animal is tattooed using white ink?'

After the success of the tiger tattoo process (included in this course) and several student requests, we have developed this complete process for you to take your animal tattoos to the next level, focusing on the most advanced techniques and how to tattoo white fur.

Through an uncut step-by-step process with ultra-close recordings during each stroke, you will learn:

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  • How to tattoo white fur
  • How to tattoo a white dog
  • How to tattoo on delicate skin
  • How to place a tattoo inside the biceps
  • How to use a round magnum to create a fur effect
  • How to avoid details in some areas to produce realistic results
  • How to apply whites when your customer is about to give up
  • How to finish a tattoo in a single session

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8 lessons · Duration: +4 hours · Quality: Full-HD · Language: English

'It seems like it's staring at me.'

This realistic tattoo course features Full-HD videos throughout 12 classes where I'll teach you the basic (and not so basic) procedures to tattoo any individual realistic element using this realistic Black & Grey eye tattoo. You'll hear about machines, needles, lines, packing, shading…

Throughout these lessons, you'll learn the following:

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  • How to identify the essential parts of an eye on the reference image.
  • Which needles, inks, tattoo machines, and materials we’ll use in this course (and why)?
  • How to correctly analyze the reference image before we start tattooing.
  • The most important aspects of a stencil.
  • Where to start tattooing an eye.
  • Which eye parts are done with lines, fills, shadows, saturations, and dotwork.
  • How to tattoo delicate and detailed eyelashes.
  • How to add texture to the iris.
  • How to tattoo big and small saturations to add a volumizing effect (without needle marks).
  • How to make soft and blurry shadows.
  • How to tattoo bloodlines to avoid the stencil from rubbing off during the tattoo process.
  • How to make soft and natural eyebrows.
  • How to apply white highlights properly.
  • How to add a touch of grey to your pieces to make them more solid.
  • When (and how) you should touch up the tattoos. (coming soon)

The Masterclass: how to tattoo realistic eyes is also available separately.

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13 classes · Duration: +6 h · Quality: Full HD · Language: English

'Level up your portrait skills using advanced techniques.'

This advanced MasterClass features Full-HD videos along with 13 classes where I'll teach you all the advanced tips of Realistic tattoos that I know. Apart from the entire process, this tutorial includes a lesson in which I'll also show you the touch-up session and explain when and how it's better to do it.

Throughout these lessons, you'll learn the following:

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  • How to choose the perfect reference image.
  • Which inks, needles, machines, and power supplies do I use and why.
  • The stencil’s key elements.
  • What are the steps to follow to tattoo any Realistic element?
  • How to create areas that are more focused to achieve photographic effects.
  • How to achieve deep volumes.
  • How to place the needle, and which direction you should follow to add volume.
  • Is Realism tattooed from dark to light tones or the other way around?
  • How to shade without leaving needle marks.
  • How to tattoo the wrist and other areas with tendons.

The Masterclass: how to tattoo realistic portraits is also available separately.

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8 lessons · Duration: +8 hours · Quality: Full-HD · Language: English

'It might look good. But you need it to look identical.'

Tattooing a portrait is not a piece of cake. Tattooing celebrity portraits is even more complicated since anyone will notice it does not look like the original.
This MasterClass shows the process of two complete sessions in which I will teach you about technique, methodology, and everything I know about tattooing portraits that should look just like the reference image.

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Aside from the whole tattoo process, this tutorial includes extra lessons where I’ll teach you when to take breaks, curiosities about this piece, and all the materials I used during these sessions.

Throughout these lessons, you’ll learn the following:

  • Where you should start a tattoo from.
  • Which are the hand movements you can work with.
  • How to pack small fills if you have little experience.
  • When you should work superficially (whip) and when deeper (pressing).
  • When to use a short or long-stroke machine.
  • How to tattoo ‘bokeh,’ or blurry effects, both foreground and background.
  • How to tattoo eyes, mouths, eyebrows, wrinkles, and expression lines in a portrait.
  • How to create small saturations and contrasts with a Round Magnum (RM).
  • How to tattoo slick or wet hair realistically.
  • How the tattoo has healed after the first session.
  • The machine, its voltage, and the inks used for the tattoo.
  • How to work with solid grey in the second session.
  • Pros and cons of solid grey ink.
  • How do you know if the tattoo will lighten up a lot over time?
  • Applying white highlights.
  • How to make your tattoo look identical to the reference image.

This content is exclusive to the Mastercourse: Realistic Tattooing. It is not sold separately.

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10 lessons · Duration: +6 hours · Quality: Full-HD · Language: English

'Difficult body areas require advanced skills'

Hand tattoos are not easy. Realistic tattoos on hands are even more difficult because you have to consider many things since realistic tattoos tend to fade on problematic skins by their nature.

As I always say, 'if you are a beginner, don't tattoo hands or complicated areas like the neck, feet or armpits.'’ 'But, when will I be ready to tattoo them?'

View more

In this step-by-step, besides teaching you how to tattoo Realism on the hand in two sessions, I will show you the materials I have used and what you should keep in mind about the skin. I will also give you ideas to make spectacular compositions in this area.

You will learn how to make a composition to facilitate the application of details. Besides, you will know the different parts of the hand: the knuckles, the sides of the hand, and the wrist, among others.

Throughout these lessons, you’ll learn the following:

  • The most convenient photographs for these areas of the body.
  • Inks, needles, machines, and power supplies I use and why.
  • The stencil’s key elements and composition on complicated regions.
  • What are the steps to follow to tattoo Realism on problematic skin?
  • How to create detailed regions.
  • How to achieve deep volumes and soft shadows.
  • How to place the needle, and which direction to follow to provide volume.
  • Do we need to do it in a single or double session?
  • How to shade without leaving needle marks.
  • How to tattoo the side of the hand and knuckles.
  • How to make realistic eyes in a portrait.
  • How to make the best glossy effect on the lips.
  • Big saturations and empty areas.
  • Use the freehand technique to achieve dynamism.

This Step-by-Step course is included in this Mastercourse, but you can also purchase it individually for $92. Go to the course page.

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15 lessons · Duration: +12 hours · Quality: Full-HD · Language: English

'What differentiates a tattooist from a professional tattooist?'

These lessons are designed specifically for those just getting started in tattooing.

Learning the technique is excellent. It's always one of our first questions; here, you will find many complete lessons about it. However, to be a professional Realism tattooist, there are many things you have to learn beforehand.

Throughout the theoretical lessons, I'll teach you what I've learned in the past 12 years of my career.

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I've made many mistakes by asking the wrong questions and not making good decisions. That's why I'll start by talking about my experience: my work methodology, my three pillars thesis, tattoo techniques, needles, inks, dilutions, and so on.

My love for technology has allowed me to learn new ways to analyze reference images, edit them, and create suitable stencils. I'll teach you everything I know through many instructive lessons to make you feel more comfortable when you start a new project. All these lessons were built together with the celebrity portrait Step by Step course.

Throughout this seminar, you'll learn the following:

  • How to tattoo Realism correctly.
  • My three work methods.
  • The realistic tattoo technique.
  • Needles and their main features.
  • Tattoo machines.
  • Power supplies, hygiene kits, accessories, and more.
  • Composition of a realistic tattoo.
  • How do you draw a stencil, both manually and on an iPad?
  • How to apply the stencil.
  • What to do the day before the session.
  • How to properly prepare the workspace.
  • How to analyze and edit the reference image.
  • How to teach the client to take care of the tattoo properly.

This content is exclusive to the Mastercourse: Realistic Tattooing. It is not sold separately.

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13 classes · Duration: +3 h · Quality: Full-HD · Language: English

One more thing...

There’s always a question left unanswered in every course - but not here!

Besides having a private questions button through which you can ask any question, I’ve included these extra lessons.

In the Tattoo Review lesson, I’ll analyze my best tattoos to look for more technical tips.

View more

In the Frequently Asked Questions section, I’ll answer all the questions my students from face-to-face seminars have asked. Some of them are:

  1. Are realistic tattoos just a trend?
  2. What are the benefits of working in a studio?
  3. Future work expectations.
  4. Do tattoo artists travel a lot?
  5. Is there a lot of competitiveness in the realistic tattoo genre?
  6. Do you recommend using a polarizer?
  7. What if my tattoos don’t heal well?
  8. I get many needle marks when shading.
  9. Are realistic tattoos touched up over time?
  10. What is better, Black and Grey or color realism?
  11. How can I calculate the right price for my tattoos?

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We all like showing how we’re constantly learnink. Your clients like seeing it too. That’s why our 10 Masters Certificate, which you’ll receive when you finish the course, includes a QR code to verify that you’ve learnt with me. Plus, you’ll be able to choose between 5 different templates - so it fits your studio’s style.

Easy-to-watch Video Lessons

You can complete the course at your own pace - Lifetime available.

10 Masters is an Online Learning Platform that allows you to watch or listen to video lessons from the world's best tattoo artists.

With 10 Masters, you can learn something anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. It is available on your smartphone, iPad, or personal computer.

Access is easy: once you have enrolled in a course, visit your 10 Masters profile, and there it will be waiting for you, ready to be completed.

Tattoo Hud
Tattoo Hud®
So that you know which dilutions, needles, machines, or voltage I’m using in real-time.
Full HD Videos & Super Zoom
Full HD videos & Super Zoom
So you can see the tattoo in detail as if it was right in front of your eyes (or closer)
E-book/Workbook in PDF
These supporting documents will guide you during the main course and give you extra content lessons.
Unlimited Access
Unlimited Access
This course doesn’t expire. Learn without time limits, at your own pace.
You can try 30% of the course. Contact us if it doesn’t fit your needs, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.
English Audio
100% English Audio
Captions, subs & all the resources are available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & more.

If you have any questions about the course, you can get in touch with us filling out our contact form.

Coreh López

Realism Tattooist


Cristian López (Barcelona, 1986), known as Coreh López, is a professional tattoo artist specialised in Black and Grey Realism with more than 10 years of experience under his belt. His speciality is Organic Realism, saturations, and high-detail finishes.

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