White ink tattoos: Are they a good option?

White tattoos are as beautiful as they are complicated


The tattoo culture is constantly adding new trends that spread at great speed and attract the attention of many people. This time, we will tell you about one of the latest fashions that is tempting Internet users: White ink tattoos.

White tattoos consist of designs that can be of any motif and style, but that try not to contain much detail and be more minimalist, because the application of this pigment implies some complications we will tell you about later.

People who choose to get a tattooed entirely in this colour, they prefer to wear a delicate, discreet and original design. However, this is not the only option to show off white ink on your body, since it can be combined with other colours and use it for different uses.

Next, we will give you some ideas so that you can offer it to your clients.

The different uses of white ink

This type of ink adapts easily to the various needs of the chosen design, being an excellent subtle accompaniment. We can apply the white pigment to:

Combine it with other colours, generating a good contrast

Highlight brightness and lights, mainly realistic designs

Give the image dimension and depth

Make a design over a Blackout tattoo

Use it for designs only in this colour


White ink is proportionally as original as it is complicated. This is due to different reasons, ranging from problems caused by its components, the subsequent care of the design, the physical conditions of the client or the skills you have as an artist to apply the tattoo.

Let's be more specific about this and delve further into what the possible circumstances you and your client will face if you decide to incorporate this pigment.

You never know for sure what the result will be like, we will only be able to see it once it has healed.

Once the drawing on the skin is finished, it will surely have a shiny, clear and predominant appearance, but the final result will only be seen after a few months, since its appearance will surely change, losing some of the best initial features. In fact, changes can’t be anticipated, because it all depends on several factors:

  • The care provided by each client
    A client who pays the necessary attention and caution to the design just applied on their skin will probably obtain better results than a client who forgets any of these important steps. It is crucial to protect any tattoo from solar radiation, but especially white ink tattoos.
    According to the opinion of some dermatologists, when a tattoo is exposed to the sun's rays, the ink tends to change its appearance because its components oxidize. Also, the skin turns orange and this can alter the original tone of the ink. You will imagine that this circumstance would not be good at all, considering that the tattoo already has a light pigmentation.
    Also, we must take into account the correct disinfection and hydration of the piece, so that it evolves properly.

  • The knowledge and practice you have as an artist
    It is necessary that you are specialized in this practice and have extensive experience in its application, to avoid problems in the design. We recommend paying special attention to this, since white ink is poorly visible during the procedure, causing possible inaccuracy in its lines.
    Also, if the ink is not inserted to the correct depth, it will disappear in a short period of time.

  • The composition of the ink and the client's body
    Generally, white ink is usually composed of substances such as titanium or zinc oxide, which can generate adverse responses depending on the body. These reactions vary between allergies and irritations, generating a difficult healing. For this reason, it is advisable to be tested for allergies, so your client should consult with their doctor.
    Regarding the ink, we must bear in mind that, if it does not have the required quality, the final result might be at risk.

  • Skin pigmentation
    According to the virtual gallery of designs "Tattoo Me Now", white tattoos are mostly recommended for light skin, since the darker the skin, the more pigmentation it has and this may result in a less durable colour or a more yellowish shade.

Consequences of a bad procedure

Generally, this type of pigment always tends to disappear, but the result is worse when all the aforementioned steps are not taken into account, making the tattoo completely different from what it should be.

White inks fade little by little, leaving only the mark of the design and turning it into an almost invisible tattoo, it actually looks like a scar.

Healing can also go wrong, and an unusual relief might be generated in the contour lines of the design.


Even though many complications may occur, white ink tattoos look great, provided they heal very well.

  • They are delicate and discreet
    Drawings are regularly captured in a minimalist way. With few lines and fillings, these tattoos are delicate and understated. Its visibility contributes to these characteristics.

  • They can be easily hidden if necessary
    The clarity of the ink will make it easier to hide the design with makeup, as with one or two applications of a skin-colored makeup, the tattoo will be completely invisible.

  • They are original and unconventional
    How many people have you met with a white tattoo? Probably very little or none! This is why they are extremely original and would be a novelty for most people.

  • If your client regrets it, it is easy to remove
    White ink is not very resistant so, you can imagine that it’s weaker than any other colour if you want to remove it with laser. This is why, if your client regrets getting the design, it can be removed more easily.

White ink tattoos: yes or no?

If your client wants to get a tattoo with white ink, the most reasonable thing would be to take into account all the pros and cons so that they can have a second thought, before making a decision knowing the disadvantages and advantages of getting tattoed with white ink.

Remember that a good tattoo is appreciated once it is healed and not when it is freshly made.

Do you have experience with white ink tattoos? With what kind of design?