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MasterCourse: Realistic Tattooing with Coreh López
Despite what you may think, all realistic images are tattooed following the same steps. Should we start by working on the darkest or the lightest areas? Should details be left for last?There’s always a right way to do it – and in my Mastercourse you'll learn what it is. I'll teach you my methodology, which basically consists in knowing what the appropriate steps to follow are, which type of needle or machine you should use for each tattoo, or why and how you should touch up realistic tattoos. I'll also tell you about composition, photo editing before starting the tattoo process, the workspace, and more. In order to do things correctly you must know what the correct way is.Did you know that you can identify lines, shadows, and fills in an image through Photoshop? Is the machine you use the one that works best for you?
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MasterCourse: Realistic Tattooing in Color with Coreh López
Learn how to achieve an excellent result by applying the color theory and the techniques that Coreh has learnt during the last 12 years. This MasterCourse includes five Tattoo processes step by step, where you will have the possibility to switch the view and follow the needle in ultra-close zoom.
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Mastercourse: Blackwork Tattooing with Rebollo
Tattooing Blackwork is simple: it consists only of lines, fills, and dotwork executed with a single tone, black. This style is one of the best to start tattooing as a beginner.
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143€ 317€
MXN$2,845 MXN$6,324
BR$793 BR$1,763
COP$705,922 COP$1,569,215
CLP$127,569 CLP$283,579
AR$56,519 AR$125,639
$U6,142 $U13,654
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AUD$237 AUD$528
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Courses based on classes of a particular discipline or skill, taught by a Tattoo Master .
Seminar: The Essentials of 3RL Tattooing with Monlix
Monlix unlocks the art of 3RL tattooing with this comprehensive online seminar. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned artists, this course dives deep into the precision of single-needle tattoo techniques, focusing on styles like Anime and detailed illustration. Learn at your own pace with unlimited access to step-by-step guides, detailed practices on synthetic and human skin, and expert tips to perfect your skills. Whether you’re looking to refine your lines, master detailed shading, or start from scratch, this seminar is designed to enhance your technique and boost your tattooing confidence. Enroll today to transform your approach to tattoo art with the 3RL needle and achieve stunning, intricate designs that stand out.
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CLP$79,629 CLP$127,569
AR$35,279 AR$56,519
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How to tattoo Realistic Animals with Coreh López
To make any kind of animal tattoo, first you must learn how to tattoo every section separately. Luckily for us, almost every animal has two eyes, one mouth, one nose, and fur.In the advanced technique Workshop, you'll learn one step at a time how to make short and long fur, eyes, snouts, whiskers, fangs, tongues… In order to apply it on synthetic or human skin, depending on your level.You'll be able to observe how I do it at all times and read the indications, to finally obtain the same result, at home.
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CLP$47,939 CLP$104,818
AR$21,239 AR$46,439
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£47 £103
C$79 C$175
AUD$89 AUD$195
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How to Tattoo Realistic Portraits with Coreh López
The difference is in the details. Being thorough and being able to see the intricacies that others overlook is a virtue you should have if you want to tattoo Realism. In this Step by Step: Zoom in on a Realistic Portrait, Coreh López teaches you how to tattoo, step by step, a high-definition portrait on a forearm.The good stuff comes last: creases, grooves, highlights... But before you get to this step, you need to have a clear vision of the complete picture: the shape and size of the tattoo, the volume, the direction of the shadows, the areas you need to set aside to be able to add white ink... There's no point in getting caught up in the details if you don't control the general aspects.
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CLP$65,003 CLP$190,949
AR$28,799 AR$84,599
$U3,129 $U9,193
£64 £189
C$109 C$319
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How to Tattoo Realistic Eyes with Coreh López
Eyelashes, pupils, iris, saturations… Do these words ring a bell? In this Realistic tattoo course, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of a full and detailed tattooing process. Coreh will create a spectacular Realistic eye by using the very basics. This course is full of details and tips which, once you’ve learnt them, you’ll be able to add to your tattooing routine and better your technique.
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MXN$525 MXN$2,519
BR$146 BR$702
COP$130,393 COP$624,988
CLP$23,563 CLP$112,944
AR$10,439 AR$50,039
$U1,134 $U5,438
£23 £111
C$39 C$189
AUD$43 AUD$209
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How to Tattoo a Realistic Hand with Coreh López
Hand tattoos are not easy. Realistic tattoos on hands are even more difficult because you have to take many things into account since realistic tattoos tend to fade on problematic skins by their nature.As I always say, ‘if you are a beginner, don't tattoo hands or complicated areas like the neck, feet or armpits’. ‘But, when will I be ready to tattoo them?’In this course, besides teaching you how to tattoo Realism on the hand in two sessions, I will show you the materials I have used, the things you should keep in mind about the skin. I will also give you ideas to make spectacular compositions in areas like this.Thanks to the information provided by this course, you will acquire the knowledge I have gained in the last ten years’ experience tattooing difficult areas.You will learn how to make a composition to facilitate the application of details. Besides, you will learn the different parts of the hand: the knuckles, the sides of the hand and the wrist, among others.
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