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Tattoo School

Professional training in tattooing

We have always believed that anyone deserves to become an artist as long as they have two fundamental elements: the right attitude and the right tools to achieve it. That's why we are here, to inspire and train the next generation of artists who want to reach that goal, with the premise of always wanting to improve and achieve it through innovative training based on excellence, with two clear objectives:

To be a tattoo artist and to master the technique with expertise.

To be a good tattoo artist but also to be a good professional.

Now, you can learn to tattoo online from the best tattooists in the industry.

Our method

10 Masters is a unique online training experience, where through lessons taught by renowned masters of the tattoo world, you will be able to acquire all kinds of knowledge necessary to achieve a successful career as an artist.

These lessons are made up of lectures and videos containing master classes, tricks, exercises, and other content divided into chapters that must be completed by means of evaluations. They are always available at any time and in any place so that you can progress at your own pace and from wherever you want.

Our community

It is the ideal place to share your passion for the world of tattooing with other artists, a place where you can grow together by exchanging opinions, questions, and answers and where all participants look towards the same direction: to become better tattooists.

You have the attitude. 10 Masters gives you the tools.

Build your skills in the tattoo industry finding the right course for you hand by hand with highly skilled tattoo artists. You will love our training courses.