MasterCourse: Realistic Tattooing in Colour

MasterCourse: Realistic Tattooing in Colour

Learn how to Make it Real from the experience of a tattoo Master

with Coreh López

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Mauro Alves
Verified user
Just finished this updated online course. Must recognize, at the beginning, i was not sure about this, but now im finish, i only have good things to say about this learning. It's absolutely amazing, and Coreh makes things look so easy cause of the way he explains everything...things i even had think about it and had no idea, i definitely recommend it. Coreh himself always answered me on instagram about some doubts i had, and its very good when you have personal feedback from the master. So, thank you VERY much Coreh and all his team behind!
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"Only 3 out of 100 realism tattooists… do Colour Realism"

Do you know why?

It's not because color is more difficult than black and white (actually, the technique is not that hard).

Nor is it due to low demand, since every time, more people are getting color tattoos. The truth is that there are few tattooists who do this style because those who are at the top, don't reveal what they know. They are not willing to share it with others.

How many courses have you seen about color? And as for the existing ones... How much do they cost?

Colour Realism is way more exclusive

There are very few tattoo artists for such a high demand, that's why realistic colour tattoos are by far the most valued on the market.

They perform a style that is very sought-after, which takes the spotlight in social media. No one can stand in their way.

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And clients, in fact, have no issue paying for the best result. Hardly anyone wants a Joker without his green hair and red smile; Avatar's creatures are blue, not grey.

And that's why, if you are able to do it in colour, customers are willing to swallow the price. They already know that a black & white photocopy is cheaper than a coloured one.

Give your clients what they crave

During my 13 years of tattooing black and white, I have keenly observed many colour masters around the world with the aim of learning this style. I felt almost like a Russian spy: some would tattoo with glazes, others with solid fillings; some would mix inks, and others would have cabinets filled with bottles.

And of course, I've tried absolutely everything during countless hours of trial and error.

Finally, and after endless research, I managed to do it by imitating what they do, and it works! Because, let's not fool ourselves, that's how you get better: by copying what others do best, and ignoring what others do worst. We are not here to invent the wheel.

Education is the answer

The fact that there are so few tattooists specializing in this remarkable discipline is, in my opinion, down to the lack of education.

I didn't know before that the best way to tattoo pale colours is by mixing them with white. Nor did I know that diameter of the needles is the key. They were keeping it to themselves.

That's why I've gathered all this knowledge in a compilation of the finest techniques, methodologies, and colour theories that are used to tattoo this style. Plain and straightforward. Everything I know, it's in here, hosted on a unique platform that allows you to switch cameras whenever you want (you can zoom in or out of the tattoo with a button), ask questions, watch it in any order you wish to, take notes and keep track of your progress.

And it works.

You can find what doesn't work for free on YouTube.

It's up to you!

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Take a look at my last tattoos:

"The ultimate program to REALISTIC TATTOOING IN COLOUR"

Can you spare one hour a day?

If you already know the basics or have experience, you will find tips and tools to take a level up in this course. You can watch only what you need now: what you don't is saved forever, just in case.

But if you're beginning, and you're not even sure if different inks can be mixed yet, then... you could use an in-depth plan.

It has been proven that with one hour of study or practice a day, a person can achieve an above-average level. Just by getting in the habit.

This course, followed from start to finish, consists of a program that allows you to watch it gradually and at your own pace. You can also dedicate weeks to follow the process of five realistic tattooing processes, starting from the beginner-level ones, and finishing with the others. If something becomes difficult for you... you can watch it again later, as many times as you want. It's Lifetime available. The ones who get the most out of this course's content are beginners.

If you have one hour a day, then it is up to you.

The best price & the best Platform

I can't show you everything I've learned if I don't document the process of several tattoos (different keys on every tattoo). That's why I've needed help, as the course not only tells you all the theory, tricks, and steps you should take, but also allows you to switch the view with a single gesture; zoom in or out whenever you want and even see how far the needle goes in; I have also explained each step I take, with interactive on-screen texts, video interventions or downloadable resources. No-one is offering nothing like this.

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More than 25 people have taken part in what is undoubtedly the most innovative and revolutionary platform on the scene. This course could not be hosted anywhere.

Indeed, the price is very low for a course with such characteristics. In fact, it may seem rather a joke. But…

What would have been the point of what you've just read if I did the same as everyone else?

I want plenty of people signing up so that I can create a team. In exchange for this launching price, I'll only ask that (once you register) you seize the “Community” tab and participate by sharing your doubts, suggestions, or comments so that we can collectively make this experience the best it can possibly be.

Those who come later... will have to pay more.

What if you have questions?

Don't worry: ask directly to the community!

To offer you a private and personalised experience, 10 Masters includes a button under every video through which you're able to ask anything you need with the community and me. Every question you send is saved under the video – no matter if you follow the course from an iPad, our App or PC.

See you there!

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What's included?

+47 Episodes · 5 Step-by-step Tattoos · +40 hours · WorkBook


5 Chapters · +2 hours · Theory · Materials · Editing

"Learn the rules like a Professional, so you can break them like an Artist"

That is what Picasso said. It's no use knowing how to apply colour if you choose the wrong one. It's no use knowing the steps if the wrong order spoils the final result.

We, artists, hate rules. But at the same time, we are aware of their value. Preliminary design, machines, needles, inks... it all adds up. I will show you my vision of colour theory and how to bring it to your workstation (which, in the end, is what matters).

That's why this theoretical block is direct and straightforward. No bullshit.

In this block, you will learn the following:

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  • How the course works.
  • The machines, needles and inks that you should use in your work routine.
  • The accessories and additional materials that will save you from messing your sessions.
  • The whole technique of realistic colour tattooing in detail.
  • Colour theory and how to bring it to your workstation while tattooing.
  • How to choose a reference image correctly.
  • Editing reference images.
  • The stencil and its importance in this style.

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5 Chapters · +4 hours · Glazing technique

"I want it in colour... but not too big".

A classic. It's one thing to tattoo in a minimalist way and quite another to do MicroRealism. So... What is the minimum size allowed for this?

The reality is that it depends on many factors: reference image, the skin of your client, details, colours...

One of the key things I've learned throughout my career is that, in addition to black lines, another application that works great when the client doesn't want a huge tattoo is glazing, as long as you apply it in a specific way.

I show you how I finish this small piece by simply using lines, textures and glazes with a minimal colour palette.

Throughout this module, you will learn the following:

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  • Tattooing reduced size Realism in Colour.
  • Glazes application with similar tones to the skin.
  • How to finish a tattoo with a minimum amount of colours.
  • How to tattoo realistic animals in colour.
  • Pre-session image editing and supporting for the session.
  • The subtle use of complementary colours to enhance an unsaturated piece.

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¡Basic Level!


6 Chapters · +6 hours · Monochromatic technique (reds) · Beginners level

"Be smart: Red & Black"

One of the most successful ways to get in touch with colour Realism is doing a tattoo with a single red colour range and a slightly reduced size.

By doing this, you learn the technique first; second, you use the most accessible range of inks to apply; and finally, it allows you to correct mistakes quickly and focus on methodology and technique over theory. It's just perfect; that's how I started years ago.

In this tattoo, I finish in a single session a frame from the movie "Kill Bill", placed on the inside of the biceps, to teach you in-depth the proper steps to tattoo Realism and avoid the feared colour contamination.

Throughout a step-by-step & un-cut process and with explanations during each step, you'll learn:

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  • How to tattoo a monochrome style image.
  • Editing the reference image in different ways.
  • The best red inks for tattooing Realism in colour and their differences.
  • Avoiding mistakes by mixing red inks with black.
  • Applying ultra-fine details with RL (you can get closer than an inch by switching the view).
  • Using the technique of shading and glazing to incorporate the colour of the skin into your palette.
  • The best needles to tattoo a small-sized area.

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8 Chapters · +7 h · Warm and Cold · Double Session

"Isn't it more exciting when you don't have permission?"

Mia Wallace said this sentence in this scene from the movie "Pulp Fiction", and I couldn't agree more.

Sometimes strict rules prevent us from having fun and achieving different, creative results. I practice quite the opposite in this tattoo: I make a tattoo by modifying colours and improvising throughout the session as if I were painting a picture. I comply with the standards of colour theory... But without overdoing it and giving preference to the stain over the detail.

Besides, the tattoo is quite extensive. Therefore we will do it in two sessions and analyse the healing process between them when everything is ready.

Throughout these lessons, I teach you:

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  • How to tattoo using colour theory to our advantage (and not the other way around).
  • How to finish a tattoo with more stain than detail.
  • How to get all the skin saturated with ink.
  • Filling and glazing with 39 Curved Magnum.
  • Using yellows for highlights and blues for shadows.
  • How to finish the tattoo in a second session (Spoiler: We don't mark the lines).
  • The risks of overworking the skin in specific areas.

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8 chapters · +7 hours · Complementary colors · Double session

"Seems like it's going to come off the arm".

Tough skin, slightly tanned, and an ultra-detailed tattoo with bright complementary colours. Well... This piece is, without a doubt, the most challenging tattoo of this course. So much that I almost went crazy doing it.

Thanks to this difficulty, I can show you many technical mistakes and handy tips during the process and explain the decisions I made in the first and the following session.

Some areas will need a touch-up; others... Have turned out great.

Throughout these lessons, you can learn the following:

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  • Tattooing animation characters by taking advantage of complementary colours.
  • Tattooing on tough skins.
  • What colours to use to add detail when the skin eludes you.
  • How to make a different composition from the original to add action and movement.
  • Finishing a tattoo so that it can be turned into a full sleeve.
  • Using red and turquoise individually and in combination.
  • How to create the effect of transparent glass and spit.
  • Mixing grey with colour to achieve less dramatic tones.

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12 chapters · +8 hours · Neon effect · Double session

"Tattooing one style is good. Tattooing your own style is excellent".

This is what many of us aspire to. Having your own style allows you to be unique and different and gives your clients an exclusive seal of identity.

But in order to tattoo Realism in colour with your personal style there are many things to take into account. I explain how I have achieved it by mixing several techniques: solid fills, glazes, monochromatic areas, neon effect and using two complementary colours: red and blue.

Throughout these lessons, you learn:

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  • How to infuse your personal style into someone else's skin.
  • How to use two colours that share prominence in a tattoo.
  • The difference between tattooing blue and red.
  • Design and creative freedom when choosing and modifying an image.
  • How to tattoo in two sessions without splitting the tattoo in two.
  • Tattooing details such as piercings, realistic tattoos and bones.
  • The difference between an over-worked area and a technically well-applied area.
  • How to tattoo full lips using glazes and black and grey shades.

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Evaluation · Certificate (5 Designs) · Student's FAQ

"We all like to show the world that we are constantly learning"

Your clients will love to see it too. That's why our 10 Masters Certificate includes a QR code to verify that you have completed this course. Plus, you can choose from 5 different designs to suit your studio's style.

But first, you'll have to test yourself with our quiz, which you can retake as many times as you need.

To round off this course, I will answer the students' frequently asked questions and update this episode whenever you have doubts or there is a new topic to talk about and discuss.

In this final block, you will be able to solve the following questions:

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  • 10 questions quizz
  • 10 Masters Certificate available in 5 different designs
  • What happens if the yellows don't go into the skin?
  • What should I do if the blue glaze stains too much?
  • Is it true that black lines act as a barrier on the skin?
  • Is it possible to tattoo Colour Realism using Dotwork?

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Easy-to-watch Video Lessons

You can complete the course at your own pace - Lifetime available.

10 Masters is an Online Learning Platform that allows you to watch or listen to video lessons from the world's best tattoo artists.

With 10 Masters you can learn something anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. It is available on your smartphone, iPad or personal computer.

Access is easy: once you have enrolled in a course, visit your 10 Masters profile and there it will be waiting for you, ready to be completed.

Tattoo Hud
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So that you know which dilutions, needles, machine, or voltage I’m using in real time.
Full HD Videos & Super Zoom
Full HD videos & Super Zoom
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E-book/Workbook in PDF
These are supporting documents that will guide you during the main course and give you extra content lessons.
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Unlimited Access
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You can try 30% of the course. If it doesn’t fit your needs, contact us and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.
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If you have any questions about the course, you can get in touch with us filling out our contact form.

Coreh López

Realism Tattooist




Cristian López (Barcelona, 1986), known as Coreh López, is a professional tattoo artist specialised in Black and Grey Realism with more than 10 years of experience under his belt. His speciality is Organic Realism, saturations, and high-detail finishes.

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