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How to showcase and promote your tattoos
Tips to attract and retain clients

What actions can help you get noticed and promote your tattoos? Here's how you can enhance your presence both locally and online.

Questions that clients fear to ask tattoo artists
And how to answer them by being a good professional tattooist

Rumours and myths surrounding tattooing create doubts and concerns among clients. How to answer what most people don't even dare to ask? Click here to find out.

How does the skin react to the healing process of a tattoo?
What every tattoo professional should know to achieve good and lasting results

What is the science behind the healing process of a tattoo? Why is it permanent? Discover the key to getting better results without damaging the skin when tattooing.

How to achieve a 'blast-over' in tattoos?
Tips to partially cover old tattoos

There are some ways to cover tattoos, but the blast-over came to change everything. Find out what it is, how to do it safely, and how to achieve incredible results.

How to say no to a tattoo you don't want to do?
The most rejected tattoo designs and tips to know how to say no

As tattoo professionals, sometimes you have to know how to say no. We tell you which are the most rejected designs and tips to deal with this uncomfortable situation.

What is a tattoo blowout and how to avoid it?
Tips and tricks to avoid expanding the line in a tattoo

Many problems can arise when tattooing. The blowout is one of the most feared by those who tattoo. You’re just a click away from knowing what it is and how to avoid it.

What is Blackwork tattoo style?
History and characteristics of the different sub-styles

Black ink tattoos are a classic and have been perfected into different styles in amazing ways. Want to know what Blackwork is all about? Get in!

Is it possible to design tattoos with AI?
The use of Midjourney in tattoo design

Artificial Intelligence is advancing so fast that it has allready begun to be used in tattoos. Many people believe that it can be designed with this tool, but it is really true?

How to make a tattoo stencil manually?
Benefits, utilities and step by step

The digital method is widely popular for creating tattoo templates, but as a beginner, it is crucial to learn how to do it manually. Here, we’ll tell you how and why to do it!

The best and the worst of being a tattoo professional
What is it like to be a tattoo artist?

The tattoo profession is indeed multifaceted, and it carries with it both benefits and challenges. Are you curious to learn about all that tattooing entails? Step inside and discover more about this intricate art form and profession.

The 3 pillars of tattoo design
Pillars of tattooing and tips to master them

In tattoo design there are three fundamental elements that you must know how to master: drawing, methodology and technique. Here we’ll explain what each of them is about, and we’ll give you some tips.

What is the 'stroke' of a tattoo machine?
General characteristics of the stroke and its importance when tattooing

The stroke in a tattoo machine refers to the length of travel the needles must have, and knowing how to master it guarantees a good result. Here, we'll tell you how to do it.

How to build your artistic hallmark as a professional tattooist
Tips to enhance the value of your tattoos

Are you aware that developing a personal style as a tattoo artist can help you boost your work’s value? Click to learn how.

Common problems when using dilutions
Tips for solving problems when making dilutions

Using dilutions in tattoos is a great and unique option, but like any other technique, it can have its drawbacks. Here are some tips to help address them

How to tattoo with black ink?
Benefits and tips for tattooing with black ink

Black ink is a timeless classic in the world of tattoos. It's a staple that's always part of our work, but how well do we really know these pigments? If you want to tattoo with black like a pro, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Everything on FreeHand tattooing
How to master this tattooing technique

Freehand tattooing is becoming increasingly popular and gradually becoming the first choice of many artists. But how complex is this technique, and can anyone tattoo FreeHand? Here we tell you all about it

How do the inks behave on different skins?
Pigment transformations in different skin tones

Skins are not a blank canvas. Humans distinguish themselves by having different skin tones. Therefore, knowing how to tattoo on dark or light skin is challenging. Here, we’ll tell you everything.

How to mix tattoo inks?
Tips and advice for mixing colours

Colour tattooing has its secrets. One of them is how to mix colour inks and make them look good. Learn how to achieve unique shades with us.

The Circus and its impact on the tattoo industry
How Sideshows Helped Make Tattooing Popular

Did you know that the display of tattoos in circuses helped fuel the modern tattoo industry? Learn about the fascinating history of the Sideshows.

When should you touch up a tattoo and when not?
How to set boundaries on your work and avoid overdoing touch-ups.

Good healing is essential to guarantee the durability of tattoos. These products play an essential role. But, are dermal patches a definitive solution? Here we tell you.

Do dermal tattoo patches really work?
Myths and truths about this patch

Good healing is essential to guarantee the durability of tattoos. These products play an essential role. But, are dermal patches a definitive solution? Here we tell you.

All about freckle tattoos
The tattoo of freckles is a technique that is causing a sensation on social media.

Freckle tattoos became a rage on social media. In the past, many people were embarrassed to have them, but now everyone wants to get them tattooed. Do you want to know how to make them? Learn more here.

How to design tattoos with Procreate?
All the tips and tricks to make a digital design

For tattoo artists, the use of Procreate is essential. That's why here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this application to design your tattoos in the best way.

Get to know the artist David Peyote, and his psychedelic tattoos
Techniques and tips to achieve excellent lettering

Tattooing in colour can be quite a challenge. Still, for the artist David Peyote, it is a hurdle he easily overcomes. Allow us to introduce you to this remarkable individual - a true maverick in the world of tattooing, renowned for his distinctive style.

How to tattoo lettering?
Techniques and tips to achieve excellent lettering

Lettering is a technique used to design letters in creative and original ways. But capturing them on the skin is more complex than it seems. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the letter tattoo.

Cover-up or laser removal, which option is best?
Analyzing the best option for when a tattoo no longer pleases

Among tattoo artists and clients, there is great debate about fixing an old tattoo. Many choose to cover up, while others believe it is best to remove the tattoo permanently. But who is right? Learn more here.

Is the iPad the best tablet for designing tattoos?
Thinking about the best tattoo hardware

The use of Apple devices in tattooing has become very popular, but the question is: is the iPad the best tablet for tattoos? Learn everything here.

What is the 'taper' in a tattoo needle?
What influences the taper when tattooing

When choosing tattoo needles, you should consider a few factors. One of them is the taper. Here we explain why it is essential for your tattoos.

Busy Season and Slow Season in tattoos
Tips for your tattoo business to prosper

During peak work seasons, everything seems to be good news. But what to do in the low seasons? Here are some tips for you to get through these moments in creative ways.

Pitta KKM, an artist of colour
The Korean Artist, Pitta KKM, a master of colour tattooing

The colour tattoo has its complexity and even more when it comes to designs with patterns. Here we introduce you to the South Korean artist Pitta KKM, who masters the technique exceptionally. Enter here to find out more.

The chromatic circle and its importance in colour tattoos
Tips and recommendations for tattooing in colour

To tattoo in colour, it is necessary to know the inks and how to merge them. Do you want to know more? Click here to know more.

How can CBD help with tattoos?
The use of CBD in tattoo products

Cannabis can have different benefits, such as being included for medicinal and therapeutic use. Is it possible that it also helps tattoos? Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Is it a good idea to use Vaseline on tattoos?
Basic elements for tattooing

To tattoo, it is necessary to use more than one product. Vaseline is often common, but is it a safe product? What are its pros and cons? Learn more here.

Many tattoo artists decide to tattoo themselves for different reasons, but how recommendable is this practice? Are there any risks? Learn more here.

Beginner Tattoo Kit
Basic elements for tattooing

To tattoo, it is essential to respect the safety and hygiene regulations. But what are they? What protocols must be followed? Learn everything you need to know here.

Homemade tattoos: risks and consequences
Why you should not do them and what are their risks

Amateur tattooists sometimes resort to very risky ways of tattooing. Learn more here.

Safety and hygiene are essential for tattooing
Every tattoo artist has to respect the following rules

To tattoo, it is essential to respect the safety and hygiene regulations. But what are they? What protocols must be followed? Learn everything you need to know here.

Reasons to tattoo in winter
Advantages and care of tattoos in winter

The healing processes tend to vary considerably according to the seasons of the year. Many artists recommend tattooing in winter for its high benefits, but what is true about this? Learn more here.

Is there a standard voltage for tattooing?
Myths and truths about voltages and machines

Voltage is a difficult aspect to determine when tattooing. Some people believe that an exact value can be set for each use, but is it possible?

How to make pet Tattoos
Tips and advice on tattooing pets

Pet tattoo. For some people, pets are essential, and they consider them as part of their family. To have them closer, many decide to get a tattoo with their images. Learn more here.

Mattia Calvi and the “destructured” tattoos
A cheerful and very different style of tattoos

The artist Mattia Calvi has achieved a very original style which he called “destructured” tattoos, and his work is very recognizable for several reasons. Click here to discover them!

Power supplies for tattooing: tips to choose them
Everything you need to know about tattoo power supplies

Selecting the ideal power supply to tattoo is usually not easy. The options are many, and the doubts too, so here we detail everything you need to know to choose the best one.

Ear tattoos, do they fade away easily?
Myths about ear tattoos

Tattoos are a trend nowadays, but there are some controversies around them. Is it true that they fade over time? Keep reading to know more.

How to tattoo color Realism?
Everything you need to know to tattoo this style

The realistic tattoo is one of the most complex, especially regarding color. To master the use of inks in Realism, it is necessary to know a few tricks. Here we tell you which ones.

Tongue tattoos
Tattoos that are shown without mincing words

Many are looking to innovate in tattoos, and the places to do them are becoming more and more attractive. Here we tell you everything about tongue tattoos.

Science inspired tattoos
When arts and science come together

Tattoos inspired by science. For lovers of exact and natural sciences, there is an option for tattoos. There are many possible designs, do you want to know more? Learn more here.

The role of women in tattooing
The feminist current in the world of tattooing

Women and tattooing. Discover the women who have made history in the world of tattooing throughout the ages.

How to tattoo perfect lines?
The importance of accurate lines

Tattooing lines seems like an easy task, but it's not! Achieving perfect and neat lines is one of the most difficult things there is. Here we tell you all the tricks to get the best results.

How to create your tattoo style?
Find an original style without copying

With practice and learning, anyone can tattoo well. Still, there is something more challenging: not everyone can achieve their style. This article will tell you everything you need to know to reach your style in tattoos.

Tattoo techniques: dotwork
All the tricks you need to know about Dotwork in tattoos

Dotwork is one of the most popular tattoo techniques, but it’s not that easy. Do you want to know how to do it? Learn more here

All about tattoos on the eyelids
Tips and advice when tattooing

Tattoos are taking different ways since there is no longer an area of ​​the body that has not been tattooed before, as it happens with eyelid tattoos. Learn more here.

Patch tattoos?
The trend in tattoos that look like embroidery

Realism in tattoos is doubling down, including tattoos that look like embroidered into the skin! Learn more about this style here.

The oldest tattoo kit in the world
A tattoo tool that is thousands of years old

We know tattoos are thousands of years old, but did you know that there were kits to make them? Learn more here.

How to tattoo realistic animals
Tips and advice to make realism in animals

Would you like to tattoo realistic animals? Learn to tattoo realistic animals following the advice of 10 Masters.

Biogenetic Tattoos: Inks with DNA
Tattoos could now contain DNA from loved ones

Tattoo inks have been perfected in amazing ways with new technologies. And this company has created a product that can include DNA! Do you want to know more? Learn more here.

Ignorant Tattoo, a style to break rules
A very controversial tattoo style

New tattoo styles are emerging and the Ignorant Tattoo is one of them. We’ll tell you about a style whose only rule is sloppiness.

Tattoo Styles not recommended for beginners
If you are a beginner tattooist, do not start with these styles

We tell you which are the least recommended tattoo styles for beginners and why it is better that you do not start tattooing these styles.

The Brutal Black Project: when pain is the protagonist
What is this controversial experience about?

Brutality, savagery, pain and more pain. That's what this experience is about. Do you want to learn more?

Sailor Jerry, the sailors' tattoo artist
Who is he and why is he so important to tattooing

Many artists are considered pioneers in the world of tattooing, but this artist was undoubtedly one of the most important. Who is Sailor Jerry?

Minimalism: FineLine tattoos
How to do FineLine tattoos?

For discreet and subtle tattoos, FineLine tattoos are a great option. Do you want to learn more?

New School tattoos, an Old School remake?
What is this style about? How is it related to Old School?

New School Tattoos, an Old School remake? What is this style about? How is it related to Old School?

How to make a tattoo design?
Tips for creating your own designs

The question for every tattoo artist when starting out is how to design a tattoo? No worries, we’ll tell you how.

Do tattoos improve self-esteem?
Interview with Caroline Gourdier, the tattooed psychologist

Feeling good with yourself is essential, but can tattoos contribute to this? A psychologist explains why.

Diabetic people, should they get tattooed?
Myths and truths about tattoos in diabetic people

There are many myths about whether people with diabetes should get tattoos, but how true is this?

How to tattoo realistic eyes
Everything you need to know about realistic eyes tattoos

Do you dare to tattoo realistic eyes? Learn all the methodology and technique to master realistic tattooing by the hand of professional tattooist Coreh López.

Tattoos in the Yakuza culture
How to make express but stylish?

Tattoos in the Yakuza culture What is the Yakuza world about, and why are tattoos so important in that Japanese culture? Learn more here.

Flash tattoo, tattoos in a short time
How to make express but stylish?

There are many styles to make tattoos quickly. We tell you what stylish Flash Tattoos are

Henry Anglas: from marginality to fame
Learn about the case of a Realism artist.

Meet Henry Anglas, a renowned Realism artist who tattooed in the slums.

Eyeball tattoos, a risky trend?
All you need to know about these tattoos

Did you know that scleral tattoos could create permanent damage? Learn all you need to know about eyeball tattoos.

How to tattoo Realistic Portraits
Tips and tricks for tattooing realistic portraits

How to tattoo realistic portraits. Lose the fear and learn how to tattoo realistic portraits by following the 10 Masters step-by-step.

Tattoos as a form of therapy and expression
Interview with Caroline Gourdier, “the tattooed psychologist”

Tattoos are not a simple aesthetic modification, but are born from a deep need to express our emotions.

The sentimental value of tattoos
More than just a tattoo

A tattoo can be more than just a design. How does sentimental value influence people?

Realistic tattoo: a demanding style
Everything you need to know to tattoo realism

Realism is one of the most difficult styles to tattoo, but not impossible. How to learn to tattoo realism? Learn more here.

Skinvertising: making publicity out of tattoos
The marketing tendency that involves tattoos

Advertising has reached even tattoos. Find out all about the tendency of advertising through tattoos.

How to make shades in tattoos?
Everything you need to know to get good shades

Highlights and shades are key in our designs. Click here to learn all you need to know when filling shades.

Tattoos in royalty
When ink breaks all protocols

Back in the days, it was believed that tattoos were not meant for all social classes. But, did you know that many royals wear tattoos?

Psychology and Tattoos
What does psychology say about tattoos?

There are endless reasons why someone gets a tattoo, but what does psychology say about it? Here we tell you everything.

Tattoo artist-client relationship: Red flags and tips
Knowing how to tattoo is important, but knowing how to treat your client is essential

If you are a tattoo artist, it is extremely important that you pay attention to how to treat your client correctly. Here we tell you how.

Blackout tattoos: A risky trend?
Learn all you need to know on this style to avoid problems

The new Blackout trend brings out tons of questions and issues. We answer all you need to know about this tattoo style.

Invisible tattoos, a safe trend?
Everything you need to know about invisible ink

Hiding a tattoo has never been so easy. We tell you everything about invisible tattoos and their risks. Discover how UV ink affects invisible tattoos.

Do tattooed people have different psychological traits?
Myths and truths about this belief

Much has been said about tattooed people’s personality. Let’s talk about the truths and myths of this belief.

Tattoo removal: laser technique
When the only solution is getting rid of our tattoo

Removing tattoos with laser technique. A solution for when you regret or no longer feel identified with your tattoo.

7 myths and truths about tattoos
A lot has been said about tattoos, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Rumours, myths, and truths tend to spread easily. So, you must stay well-informed. Keep on reading to learn what people usually say about tattoos.

Do tattoos have copyright?
All forms of art have copyright, and so it should be in the tattoo world

Author’s rights legally protect the art field, but what about tattoos?, are we tattooists covered too? Keep reading to find out.

From drawing to stencil: how to make your templates
How to transfer your designs and the digital tools to use

Tattoo transfers can be done in many ways, but did you know you can do them digitally? Here we’ll tell you everything.

Tips for making your first tattoo
Everything you need to know to tattoo for the first time

Are you about to make the first tattoo as an artist? You must be having plenty of doubts, but keep calm. Here you have everything you need to know.

Differences between cosmetic and conventional tattoo
A permanent solution to make up?

Cosmetic tattoos are becoming more popular each day. Want to learn more about this technique?, keep reading.

Tattoos and Copyrights
When the illegal use of images also applies to tattoo designs

The illegal use of designs also applies to tattoos. What to do as a tattoo artist?, how can I avoid possible problems?

How to take care of a tattoo?
Advice for the healing process

The importance of taking good care of tattoos is essential to avoid infections and ensure their quality over time.

Tattoos that last only 1 year
The new trend in tattoos that fade after a few months

A tattoo can last a lifetime… or not. The new trend in tattoos that fade after a few months.

Tattoos and the Copycat effect
Tattoo plagiarism is so common that it even has a name

If you are looking for designs for a new tattoo, you have surely found many on the internet, but do you know who it belongs to? We tell you about the copycat.

Synthetic skins for tattooing
Practice tattooing without making mistakes on your clients

If you are starting to tattoo and you need to practice, don't do it on your clients’ skin, try synthetic skins instead!

Learn to draw for tattooing
Everything you need to know to draw and design your tattoos

In tattooing, knowing about drawing is fundamental. That is why here we’ll give you the best tools to become the best tattoo artist… and the best illustrator.

Life as a professional tattoo artist
How is the day-to-day life of a tattoo artist

The life of a tattooist is exciting, what does it mean to be a professional tattooist? Do you want to know what their routines are like?

The world of tattoo… Art or business?
The modern alternative that monetizes your talent

The world of tattoo occupies a very important place in art, but can you make a living out of it? When is it art and when is it business?

Types of tattoo machines
What’s the best machine for you?

Have you entered the world of tattooing, but don't know which machine to buy? No worries, here you’ll find out which one is best for you.

Manga, anime and tattoos
Everything you need to know about tattoos in this world

The world of anime and manga is really very interesting, especially if you consider yourself an otaku, and you like geek things. But tattoo are not far behind, do you want to know more?

Tattoos made by robots: Long distance art
Artificial intelligence arrives in the world of tattoo

Would you like to get tattooed with your favourite artist, even if they are miles away? 5G technology now makes it easy for you.

Tattoos during pregnancy
Should pregnant women get tattooed?

Many people wonder if tattoos affect pregnancy, but what is true about all this?

Clearing doubts, where does it hurt more to get a tattoo?
How to answer your clients' leading question?

If you're a tattoo artist, you'll know that what your clients fear the most is pain. Find out and inform for greater peace of mind.

Tattoos and blood donation: Unveiling myths
Artificial intelligence arrives in the world of tattoo

If you have a tattoo and want to donate blood, but you think it is not compatible, you should read this note.

Tattoos, do they affect the immune system?
Artificial intelligence arrives in the world of tattoo

There are many rumours about tattoos damaging the immune system, but how many of them are true?

Tattoo inks: Composition, benefits and consequences
The result of your tattoo will depend on the choice of ink

If you are thinking about your next tattoo, the choice of ink is an essential factor. Here you have all the information.

What is the salary of a tattoo artist?
A profession of talent, perseverance, and a lot of responsibility

If you are thinking of becoming a tattoo artist, surely you must want to know how much you will earn, learn more here.

One wound that heals the other: Tattoos for scars
Excellent option for those who decide to transform their wounds

If you have a scar you want to get rid of, getting a tattoo is your best option. Learn more here.

The controversial relationship between tattoos and fashion
The historical change of tattoos and their influence on fashion.

From marginality to haute couture, what impact do tattoos have on the world of fashion?

The most expensive tattoo in history
When a tattoo costs thousands of dollars

Getting a quality tattoo can be very expensive, but, is it overpriced or not? Learn more here.

Ornamental Tattoos: Decoration on your body
There are a thousand ideas for tattoos, but did you know the ornamental tattoos?

There are many ways to decorate the body with tattoos, some more complex than others, but did you know ornamental tattoos? Learn more here.

Back to face-to-face: All Ways Tattoo Experience
Face-to-face tattoo events are back

The pandemic comes to an end, and face-to-face tattoo events come back with incredible proposals. Today, we’re more than happy to talk to you about All Ways Tattoo Experience

8 historical figures who wore tattoos
No one would ever imagine that these historical figures were tattooed

Would you like to get tattooed with your favourite artist, even if they are miles away? 5G technology now makes it easy for you.

White ink tattoos: Are they a good option?
White tattoos are as beautiful as they are complicated

White tattoos stand out for their originality and delicacy, but, what are they like?

Palm tattoos: What you should know
Tattooing hands never goes out of style, but it’s complicated

If you are thinking about starting to tattoo hands, find out here about its dangers and recommendations.

Tattoo Trends: Tattoos for generations
Many things set us apart for generations, but what about tattoos?

Just like fashions, tattoos adapt to trends and generations. Do you want to know more? Learn more here.

How long does it take to make a tattoo?
Your clients want to know how long it will take, and you must give a clear answer.

The time it will take to make the design is one of the main concerns for our clients, learn more on how to answer questions here.

Risks in red ink tattoos
The essential thing to get a red tattoo is to be well-informed

Red tattoos generate controversy, but here we will clear up all your doubts and recommend how to proceed.

Will tech tattoos replace smartphones?
Bill Gates and Chaotic Moon Studios pose tattoos as a new level of technology

Bill Gates unveils innovative tattoo that will detect health problems that will replace smartphones. How is this possible? Learn more here.

Blue ink in tattoos: Could it be banned?
Are there real risks when tattooing with blue ink? Learn more here.

Blue tattoos are very in so we need to be well-informed about any potential risks. Learnmore here.

Vegan tattoos: When art is awareness
The vegan movement finds its place in tattoo culture

If you are part of the cruelty-free movement and want to get a tattoo, learn more here!

Vegan products in tattoos
A vegan alternative, cruelty-free and without plastics in your tattoos.

Veganism is becoming more and more popular, but what does it have to do with tattooing? Learn more here.

Xavi Animal: Activism in tattoos
There are many types of activism, but did you know that it also exists in tattoos?

Environmental pollution and the consumption of animals is an urgent problem for the planet, but what to do as tattoo artists? Learn how you can help with your art here.

NY Empire State Tattoo Expo: An unmissable festival
The largest exhibition in the tattoo world returns with a new edition

If you are a fan of tattoo culture, you can't miss the biggest event in the world. Learn more here!

Micro Tattoos… Do they last over time?
Micro tattoos are a trend, but do they last like the first day?

Micro tattoos are fashionable, and their result generate a great controversy. What happens to them over time? Learn more here.

From scarification to burns, these body modifications or body branding are trending and open debates. But what are your risks? Find out here.

Anaesthesia: A safe method when having a tattoo?
Is anaesthesia the solution to a painless tattoo?

Tattooing with anesthesia is now possible, but is it a safe method?

Unregulated tattoos: You get what you pay
Do you comply and enforce health regulations when you tattoo?

Failure to comply with health regulations puts at risk both the health of the tattoo artist and the client. Here we’ll tell you the consequences and how to proceed correctly.

The 4 most tattooed people in the world
Who are these people who decided to be a living work of art?

The incredible stories of the 4 most tattooed people in the world and what led them to turn their body into an organic canvas. All here!

Are NFT's the future of tattoos?
Crypto world, a new growth opportunity for tattoo artists?

We’ll explain the incredible benefits of NFTs for our tattoo culture and the tattoo artists who decided to join it. And you, do you already have your collection?

Underground Art: Illegal tattoos in South Korea
Tattoo culture grows in the country, but laws and prejudice stop it

When being a tattoo artist can cost you an expensive fine, or even worse, your freedom.

The tattoo world stands in solidarity with Ukraine
More and more tattoo artists are joining together to help the cause

Tattoo artists from all over the world gather to raise funds for those affected by the war in Ukraine, and offer diverse and very interesting proposals. Which one do you want to join?

Inspirational stories: Getting a tattoo when you are old
Tattoos are not just for young people

If a brave old man decides to get a tattoo after 70, he must have a good reason, don't you think? Click here to read these 3 inspiring stories.

5 best tattoo documentaries
What are your plans for the weekend?

We've selected for you the 5 best tattoo documentaries to watch online for free. Get inspired by the tattoo art and the personalities behind them.

Japanese tattoo meanings
The most frequent symbols in Irezumi

Irezumi are traditional Japanese tattoos, they enjoy great popularity worldwide. We explain the Japanese tattoo meanings and myths behind them.

Neo-Traditional tattoos: All you need to know
What defines neo-traditional tattoos?

Have a closer look at one of the most popular tattoo styles: neo-traditional tattoos, their background, motifs and techniques!

Best tattoo design applications
Check out the software you need to know

Find out the best tattoo apps for designing and sketching your designs before starting your work.

Tattoo Aftercare: What you need to know
All you need to know to prevent your tattoo from getting infected

Are you getting a new tattoo? We explain everything you need to know. Avoid infections and learn how to take care of your skin after getting a tattoo.

Social Media tips for tattoo artists
How to make yourself known online if you are a tattoo artist

Every tattoo artist knows which are the best social networks to post on and get the most out of their work, but if you're just starting out, how can you get noticed? Find out here!

How to start tattooing
Keys to start tattooing and not fail in the attempt

You want to train as a tattoo artist and don't know how to start? Then read all the important information about how to start in the tattoo world.

Yidįįłtoo: Face tattoo as identity
Why are traditional tattoos so important in indigenous peoples

We see many face tattoos, but did you know that there is an entire ancient culture behind them? Learn more here.

11 MOST popular tattoo styles
Discover the most common types of tattoos in the world

Check the 11 MOST popular tattoos styles WORLDWIDE. Whether you're looking for traditional tattoos or modern ones, find your style with 10Masters.

Tattoo needles guide
What types are there and what are they for?

We've all had the same question when we started out: which tattoo needle should I use? Don't worry, at 10 Masters we bring you the definitive guide so that you can not only familiarise yourself with the terms, but also consult it whenever you have any doubts. We explain all the characteristics of a needle, the different types of tattoo needles, and what each one is used for. Choosing the best tattoo needle will be easy after reading this article. Let's get started!

Tattoo machine history
Have you ever wondered where tattoo machines come from?

The first tattoo machine is said to have been created by Thomas Alva Edison in 1877, although it was not designed specifically for tattooing. This electric pen was part of a complete system for duplicating documents and drawings by hand. Its success in the market did not last long as, in 1872, Christopher Sholes, Charles Glidden and Samuel W. Soulé invented the typewriter, an element that replaced Edison's invention.

Tattooing history
What are the origins of the art of tattooing?

The art of tattooing skin is not new to us, but appeared thousands of years ago with methods and meanings different from those we find today. There is evidence of...