The tattoo world stands in solidarity with Ukraine

More and more tattoo artists are joining together to help the cause


Last February 24th, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, as a result of the long-standing conflicts that had increased the tension between both countries, started "a special military operation". He ordered to bomb several Ukrainian territories on a large scale, and regrettably, he started an unnecessary war. The attack expanded into 11 cities, including its capital, Kyiv. (If you are not familiar with the conflict and want to learn more, click here).

This conflict is resulting in many casualties. The last report on the 2nd March, revealed over 2000 civilians deaths and 836,000 refugees. Many families had to separate and flee the country since men aged 18-60 including grandfathers, fathers, brothers and husbands, were forced to defend the country against the Russian attack.

Under these circumstances, a large group of artists has raised their voices against the war to express their solidarity in different ways with the Ukrainian people.

The tattoo world did not hesitate for a second and was one of the sectors that joined the cause. More and more tattoo artists are helping with different matters, and they show it on their social networks, to promote solidarity and for wider dissemination. We’ll tell you who they are:

Tattoo artists and tattoo studios in solidarity with Ukraine

Levgen Tattoo

Source: @levgenknysh

Levgen is a tattoo artist based in New York but born in a small town of Kupiansk, in Ukraine. This great artist, who is a dental surgeon, became a tattoo artist 14 years ago, and he has an interesting offer.

A 5-hour online workshop, with the step by step of a realistic tattoo of a skull. All profits will raise funds for families in Ukraine.

For US$ 50 you can win twice: you learn and contribute to the cause.

If you want to register, see a direct link to his studio here.

Fox Mulder Tattoo

Fox Mulder Tattoo is a studio in Bali, Indonesia, where 5 artists perform their skills. Three of them joined the cause and promoted a new event.

With the motto “we are at war” of one of their posts, on the 7th of March from 11 am @mizer86, @md.poke and @pavel.soma will be making “small tattoos” to raise money for the Red Cross in Ukraine.

To get your design and support the Ukrainian brothers, you don’t need to make an appointment in advance, they will simply tattoo in order of arrival.

The address is Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 102, Badung, Bali, Indonesia.

If you are close to the location and want to get tattooed, it's a great opportunity to do it and make your contribution at the same time.

The Blue Blood Studios

The Blue Blood Studios, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was opened in 2014 by Marco Serio and features some of the most sought after artists in the industry.

As a form of support for the victims, they face the problem by highlighting the phrase "NO WAR" in their publication and they will hold the Flash Days (12th and 20th of March), to raise funds for Ukrainian children through the organization Voices of Children.

Saturday, March 12

On day one, @junior_japanesetattoo and @danielselleck by appointment only. To make your appointment, contact the artists.

Sunday, March 20

On this occasion, no appointments needed with @marcoserio , @martialtattoo , @lillysuetattoo, @bluetoned and @birdmantattoo_brendan_tangel, who will be as guests and will dedicate their time to this very special situation.

The address is Kinkerstraat 14, 1053 DV Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Bipolarchek Tattoo

Bipolarchek tattoo ( is the name given to her social networks by a young independent tattoo artist who generously enlisted to contribute to help Ukraine after suffering the effects of the war.

This Ukrainian tattoo artist joins the initiative and offers 3 designs to her clients. All profits will be donated to the Ukrainian army.

Source: tattoo design by

Sasha Tattoing Barcelona

Sasha Masiuk (@sashatattooing) is a tattoo artist and illustrator, who has 3 studios called "Sasha tattoing" located in Spain, Russia and the United States, with many talented artists working there.

The studio located in Barcelona, with 6 tattoo artists, decided to actively join the cause and contribute.

On Wednesday, March 2, her Instagram account published a post with the colours of the Ukrainian flag, announcing the start of a gathering of basic necessities for the affected people in the country.

In her biog, there is a link with a list of the objects of the most essential items they need. In addition, they also request warm clothing, blankets, baby food and pet food.

On the night of Friday, March 4, they will set on a journey to transport it all to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

If you are around and want to be part of this great help, you can take it directly to the studio.

The address is: Balmes 74 local Sashatattooing Studios

Hours: every day 11 am - 8:00 pm / Until Friday 04/03 8pm

Tattoo artists from New York and Chicago

Source: @inked_nyc

On this occasion, we will not name a tattoo studio or an artist at the head of a charity project, because it is not just one, there are 13! Yes, thirteen artists from cities like New York and Chicago decided to join forces and launch a striking project.

Each of the 13 tattoo artists involved shared the same post on their Instagram, which begins with a deep reflection, “Imagine waking up and seeing tanks on your street, missiles hitting your building, school and neighborhood. Imagine yourself wondering if you will ever see the people you love and care about again. Hiding in bomb shelters or risking his life to cross the border to stay safe. Lose everything you've ever known. The people of Ukraine live this reality right now.”

For this very reason, they decided to help refugees, most of whom are women and children.

Their proposal includes each artist raffling off a half or full day of tattoos in their unique style, with prizes ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 in tattoo time. Ticket are available since March 2nd and until March 6th at 8pm. Each of them costs $10. Those of you interested will be able to purchase an unlimited quantity to get tattooed by any of these artists. At the end of the sale, the raffle for each tattoo artist will be carried out automatically through the Galabid online platform and the winners will be contacted with the instructions to follow in order to get their prize.

All profits will be donated to RAZOM, an NGO that provides humanitarian support in Ukraine.

The 13 artists are:

@koraltattoo - Full Day

@dead.tattooer - Full Day

@gpignanelli - Half Day

@deannamaffeo - Half Day

@ponylawson - Full Day

@isismuniztattoo - Half Day

@justinsandelli - Full Day

@bradleysilvertattoo - Full Day

@jessmachete - Full Day

@madamartyr - Half Day

@raphaelortiztattoos - Half Day

@alenatattoos - Full Day

@shani.nizan - Half Day

Link to participate in the draw

Link to know more about Razom

Indigo Forever Tattoos

Source: @indigoforevertattoos

Indigo forever tattoos (@indigoforevertattoos) is the name given to the Instagram of a female artist based in London, who specializes in the handpoke technique.

The tattoo artist, on Tuesday, March 1, from a publication on her Instagram, offers a raffle to raise funds to help Ukraine.

By purchasing one ticket, you can win a “flash tattoo” the size of the palm of your hand. The cost to participate will be £10 and the reference image must be emailed:

The winner will be announced next Monday, the 7th of March. Good luck!

Ilama Tattoo

Source: @ilama_tattoo

Ilama tattoo (@ilama_tattoo) is the name of this Polish tattoo artist on Instagram. She also works at the Ink Spot Tattoo & Piercing studio together with other artists.

On Instagram, Ilama offers some designs that range from drawings and phrases referring to Ukraine and different prices ranging from 200 to 400 PLN (Polish currency). Any client who decides to participate and get one of the illustrations shown, will get a 50 PLN discount on the next tattoo.

All profits will raise funds for people in Ukraine.

More and more artists empathise with this situation that requires support from all of us. If you are a tattoo artist, or you know one who is willing to make their contribution, please comment or DM us. We’ll add their profile to the list for wider dissemination.