All about tattoos on the eyelids

Tips and advice when tattooing


All parts of the body have important functions, some more than others.

The eyes are one of the most essential organs we have and also one of the most sensitive. This is why they need care and protection.

The eyelids function as protectors of the eyes in many ways and work automatically, allowing constant moisturizing and as a barrier to unwanted bacteria.

There is no part of the body that cannot be tattooed, as the eyelids can also get tattooed.

But the skin will not be the same for all areas of the body.

The eye area has a thinner layer than the rest and this must be considered when tattooing since the technique will not be the same as for other areas.

Characteristics of tattoos on the eyelids

As a thinner skin area, the needles, and the methods will have to be used very carefully, without puncturing very deeply or requiring higher voltage from the machines.

Immediately under the eyelid is the cornea, so it is essential to be meticulously cautious when tattooing.

Although the designs can vary, they are usually not very elaborate.

The main reason for the designs not to be that elaborate is precisely the level of delicacy and sensitivity of this area, along with the minimal space available.

This leads tattoos to fine lines and rather simple designs. They may have some different colours or shades, although mostly in general lines they can be found in black.

Does it hurt?

As we’ve mentioned before, since it is a very sensitive area, we might think that this type of tattoo can hurt more than others.

The truth is that pain levels depend on the person. Some clients have a very high pain threshold and others quite the opposite.

In the face, there is a nerve called the trigeminal nerve, responsible for stimulating the sensory part of the eyelid, as well as other areas. This will be responsible for detecting the needles and providing the sensation of pain at the time of being tattooed.

Some people find this type of tattoo very unpleasant, but not unbearable, unlike we might assume.

Are there risks when tattooing them?

We must clarify that whenever it comes to altering the normal state of the skin and producing wounds, to a greater or lesser extent some risks are run.

When it comes to the eyes, we can think that the exposure is greater and, indeed, it is so.

That is why it is essential to be trained and have expert experience in tattooing and have the best command of the machines so as not to injure any part of the eye area.

Delicacy and care when puncturing the eyelids are critical, since one more puncture could cause unbearable pain in your client.

You have to tattoo with the most extreme care and know perfectly well that this type of skin is not the same as the rest of the body.

To have better control, there are some tattoo artists who decide to tattoo with the Handpoke technique to be able to better control the puncture and guarantee that the ink is correctly injected.

Regarding the relationship between the client and the tattooist, we have expanded more in the note Tattooist-client relationship: red flags and advice, where we commented on the points to treat your clients well.

This part of the body takes a little longer to heal and is very prone to infection, so proper hygiene will keep this process on track.

In addition, the skin of the eyelids is folded and in constant movement and contact, so it might hurt more when healing.

It is important to keep humidity and disinfection under control with indicated products, especially for that area and that type of use.

What about cosmetic tattoos?

For some time now, some people got tattoos on their faces and not as independent designs, but as a way of replacing makeup or highlighting some natural tones of their skin.

In eyelid tattoos, we could also find cosmetic uses since there are many clients, especially women, who decide to leave behind the eyeliners to replace them with a tattoo.

Also called Eyeliner Tattoos, this type of tattoo consists of making a black line on the eyelids above the eyelashes. In this way, people would save themselves the trouble of having to put on makeup and remove makeup every day.

This work consists of a Micropigmentation of the eyes and is usually done by tattooists specialized in beauty, and certified to tattoo them.

In general, the same tools are not used as in conventional tattooing. In exchange, something called a dermograph, which fulfills the function of replacing the machines with ones with lower voltage and different types of needles.

If you want to know more about this type of tattoo, read our article The difference between conventional and cosmetic tattoos.

Are eyelid tattoos removable with the laser procedure?

When making a tattoo, we believe that it will be for life, but there are those who regret it along the way and for different reasons. In them, the debate opens by reaching the tattoos on the eyelids.

In this case, when we refer to procedures like these, doubts won’t take long to arrive.

It should be noted that an ophthalmological consultation with certified people is always recommended, to avoid any inconvenience and to protect health above all.

Some specialized studios carry out this practice. An anesthetic ointment is usually used to numb the eyes and an eye shield is placed under the eyelids. This way you avoid damaging your vision with the laser.

The power to be used is much lower than in other less delicate areas, but full erasure of this kind of tattoo is not guaranteed.

Our advice? Be completely sure before making this kind of tattoo.

For any clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us. Dare you tattoo eyelids? Do you think it is a suitable option?