Advantages of Tattooing with 3RL Needles

How to Make the Most of Single Needle Technique


3RL needle is a must-have for any tattoo artist, for numerous reasons.

It not only fits beginners as it allows you to create simple yet attractive designs with little, but also fits experienced tattooists, for its effectiveness in achieving precise details and striking effects.

Its adaptability to different techniques and styles makes it a faithful companion. So much so, that you can even tackle an entire tattoo with it.

We already know that in this profession, diversity is key. The more techniques you master, the better tools you have to stand up for yourself, differentiate, and attract clients.

That's why learning to tattoo with one of the most forgiving and versatile needles out there can mean a game-changer in your career as a tattoo artist.

Want to know in detail why it's worth knowing how to use this needle? Keep reading!

Benefits of the 3RL Tattoo Technique

1. Less Painful

Contrary to what some believe, a tattoo entirely made with 3RL doesn’t hurt more than others.

At first glance, it could seem that its thin build makes it more painful, but many have confirmed the opposite.

In fact, it's thanks to its thinness that the skin suffers less, and the body responds better to both the trauma and pain sensation since it hurts the tissue less.

Besides, having only 3 tips causes less bleeding and eases the session.

Antique scissors tattoo with 3RL needle, by Roger Monlix


2. Easier Healing

Complex and endless healing processes? Not with the 3RL technique ;).

Since it lays less ink, it allows working in layers, achieving volume effects and solid saturations without excessively damaging the skin.

By demanding less from it during the tattooing process, the aftercare is usually simpler for the client and less risky for the final result.

As long as you clearly understand how the skin reacts to tattooing and know how to apply the technique properly so that the ink settles well or how to avoid blowouts in the tattoo.

3. Less Investment in Materials

The best thing about the 3RL technique is that you don't need to have an extensive set of materials to achieve attractive, high-level pieces. You can cover absolutely everything with just one needle, ink, machine, and even voltage.

This might interest you, especially if you're a beginner, and mostly if you are looking for a way to tattoo what you like in your own style without having to deal with heavy machines, robust strokes, and complex healing processes.

Honestly, few techniques require as little investment in your workstation as this one.

Cloud tattoo with 3RL needle and built lines technique, by Roger Monlix


4. Perfect for Beginners

Tattooing continuous solid lines is a big challenge when you're just starting. But did
you know that there are special techniques for building lines with 3RL without
needing surgeon-like precision?

Roger Monlix is an expert in creating Built Lines, and he teaches you how to do them step by step and in detail in his Seminar: The Essentials of 3RL Tattooing.

Curious to know what this technique is about? Here's a brief sneak peek!

It basically means tracing lines by sections instead of in one go. And it offers the great advantage of allowing a greater margin of error since they don't need to be perfect on the first try.

In fact, Monlix himself believes that the perfect line is the one that has life and expresses itself, regardless of how solid it is.

And look at those results, don't those free strokes make the piece perfect? ♥

Various tattoos by artist Roger Monlix


We can't reveal much more about his technique here, but we can anticipate you
that he has 3 different ways to build a line with 3RL:

  1. Zigzag
  2. Parallel Lines
  3. Dots or Dot Fillings

5. Suitable with Any Style

The great versatility and adaptability of the 3RL needle allow you to tattoo just about anything.

From a thick built line that looks like it's made with 14RL, to a line so thin and delicate that it could appear made with 1RL.

All you need is a good set of techniques to make the most of what this needle offers, regardless of the style you tattoo.

Whether you want to solve a tattoo entirely with 3RL or add an extra touch to your style, this needle can handle EVERYTHING, from beginning to end.

Son Gohan and No-Face tattoos on synthetic skin with 3RL needle, by Roger Monlix


6. Plentiful Techniques and Effects

With 3RL, you'll never run out of details, textures, and volume.

The precision of this needle is such that you can go from the simplest engravings, through striking Dotwork techniques, to the most attractive hatching effects.

Struggling with smooth transitions between tones? There's no need to be an expert in Realism, since you can achieve uniform shadings and gradients with it.

Can't seem to make solid fillings that heal well? With the techniques 3RL offers, you can achieve high-contrast yet ski-friendly fillings.

Techniques with 3RL needle, gradients, shading, fillings, by Roger Monlix


7. Fit for All Sizes

For this same reason, it also has no limitations regarding the size of the designs.

With its delicate build and the wide range of techniques it grants, you not only have the option for your small pieces to be simple or more detailed; but you also have the opportunity to tattoo large surfaces as complex or simple as you want.

As long as you know how to handle composition and placement, the sky's the limit.

How to tattoo anything without complications

Maybe you're starting out and look for a solution to tattoo without having to fuss over which needle, ink, machine, and voltage to use every time.

Or why not? Perhaps you've been tattooing for a while now and want to take your tattoos up a notch.

Or who knows? Maybe you're a fan of Anime, Manga, or Comics and dream of making a living by tattooing your favorite characters.

And you know what those 3 scenarios have in common? The 3RL Technique fits them like a glove.

If you've made it this far, you've probably noticed the technical ease that this needle offers.

And heads-up! The creative opportunities are not far behind, either. From Illustrative style, through Fineline, Conceptual Realism, or even Blackwork... you define the use, whatever your taste.

If there's one thing we've learned with the 3RL, it's that you don't need to deploy an arsenal of tools and equipment to stand out with your art and give your clients high-level tattoos.

And if this article has helped you discover why it's worth knowing how to tattoo with this useful and versatile ally...

... you might be interested in learning it firsthand from a professional tattoo Master who's managed to get fully booked by tattooing solely with 3RL. Seminar: The Essentials of 3RL Tattooing, with Roger Monlix.

Seminar The Essentials of 3RL Tattooing, with Roger Monlix in collaboration with 10 Masters


What better than the experience of a Master to know what mistakes you should avoid before they even happen?

You can gobble it up on a weekend, no BS!, we're practical here.

So, forget about wasting time trying to learn at least SOMETHING from YouTube. Everything tested, proven and improved by the same source ;).

If you seek to reduce your learning curve, this seminar is right up your alley. See you inside?