Ornamental Tattoos: Decoration on your body

There are a thousand ideas for tattoos, but did you know the ornamental tattoos?


Ornamental tattoos are a way to decorate the body in a more delicate style, paying attention to figures and very small details. To embellish means to embellish something with ornaments and decorations, but how to do it in tattoos? Here we tell you.

History of ornamental tattoos

According to the dictionary, the word to ornament means to decorate something to make it more attractive and beautiful. This always appeals to people's subjectivity, so it can be perceived in different ways according to cultures and personalities.

Ornamentation defines styles, for example in architecture. We can find the Gothic, the Greek, the Egyptian, etc.

In general, these figures are inspired by the patterns of flora and fauna based on geometry.

In addition, through lines, curves and spirals they form very striking abstract designs.

One of the most prominent styles is the arabesque, also known as ataurique, which combines geometric figures with animal and plant motifs. They are widely used to decorate Muslim buildings such as mosques.

There are those who say that the pioneers in this style were actually the Egyptians and the Sumerians. There are also records from the Roman Empire where ornaments were used for different purposes, in crowns and the pillars of the Roman coliseum.

We can find ornamentation in fabrics or clothing, some decorated with embroidery or appliqués. Even in music, this term is used to designate arrangements in harmonies and add a certain "colour" to compositions.

Body ornaments

Ornamental tattoos correspond to a style of designs with geometric, abstract and symmetrical figures and can be mixed with very varied styles and techniques.

Flower of Life

in geometric tattoos, Flower of Life which consists of a design made from the combination of identical circles. It has a spiritual and meditative sense.

The origin of its name represents the cycle of a fruit tree: from the tree it becomes a flower, then a fruit, and then a seed to become a tree again. In this way, the Flower of Life represents the origin of things and at the same time the inseparable connection between all things, representing a whole and the circular cycle of life.


In this sense, mandalas can also be included within ornamental tattoos, which are also generally considered to have spiritual meanings and are linked to religious symbolism from different cultures, mainly Eastern.

The word Mandala can mean circle or wheel and has its origin in India. In Buddhism, mandalas are a representation of the microcosm to the macrocosm. The purpose of the mandalas for these cultures is meditation, spiritual balance and purification of the soul.

Many people take ornamental tattoos as part of their identities and even as a search for them. This is why mandala tattoos can represent a very deep connection with the spiritual centre of a person.

Maori Tattoos

There is another style of ornamental tattoos, such as the Maori. These consist of abstract drawings and have their origins in tribes over 2000 years ago. They were related to hierarchies and were more common among men, especially warriors. These drawings have very well-defined black lines.


Mehndi or Mehendi tattoos consist of a type of henna ornamentation, especially on the hands of women before their wedding as part of the nuptial rites.

This occurs in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In the West they became fashionable in the 90s and their application is usually carried out by specialized women.

Of course, it is a very attractive and delicate way to decorate the hands, not only for brides, but for other people who want to get it. In addition, the use of henna is temporary designs can be changed.

We can also find tattoos on the arms, shoulders, wrists, legs and backs in very delicate ways. In the combination of styles and techniques such as linework, dotwork or blackwork, artists can pay more attention to detail, creating shading and relief.

Here you have some artists who are trending on the networks for standing out in this particular and complex style, where each of them mixes their personal style by applying a touch of originality to each design.

Ornamental tattoos: yes or no?

Ornamental tattoos are a very attractive way of tattooing and have a wide variety of meanings, including religious and spiritual connotations.

Without a doubt, this style beautifies in a very subtle and extremely detailed way.

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