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Flash tattoo, tattoos in a short time

How to make express but stylish?

18 October 2022


A quick and easy option for tattooing. With this style, there is no need to spend long hours in the studio, just one session in just a few minutes!

You want to learn more? Keep reading to know more.

What are Flash Tattoos?

This style of tattoos is distinguished by being express, and they are offered as an economical alternative, generally simple and not very large.

This is why, as you can imagine, they are usually made in just one session.

These tattoos are based on unique designs that you, as an artist, offer to clients in a catalogue. In general, they are displayed in templates so that the client can choose.

Although many artists decide that their clients cannot modify them, there are others that are more flexible and allow modifications.

The term Flash refers to tattoos with simple and agile designs. These can be seen on templates or original drawings. We recommend the second option, if you want to become a professional artist.

How did these tattoos come about?

Although they are a fad or a trend nowadays, the idea of ​​flash tattoos arose many years ago, in the origin of tattooing, at the beginning of the last century.

The flash tattoo arises from the Traditional style, where the most emblematic artists took logos, illustrations, images or drawings that were very popular at the time as references, and they adapted them to tattoos.

However, they took those references and simplified them. That is, they selected the most important aspects of those images to transfer them to the tattoo.

The reason, at that time, was that working on the skin with machines with not very advanced technologies meant going through other challenges and complications.

In early tattoo studios, artists would hang designs on walls and in shop windows to advertise their work.

What was sought was to make the world of tattooing visible in order to "tempt" more people to lose their fear of ink and needles, which at that time were so stigmatized.

The original idea of ​​this type of tattoo was to reduce the consultation time, to tattoo without an appointment, it was enough to drop by the place, choose a design and get it.

Main Features

  • In general, generic designs are usually made, although as we mentioned before, some artists create new designs together with their clients.

  • Small and simple, designed to be made in a single session.

  • Cheap. Small designs and without complexities, the price is equal to its requirements.

  • They were used as ads to attract more customers. Simple and cheap, they can attract other types of customers. Both clients who want to add drawings to their tattoos, or clients who want more discreet designs.

  • It is common for them to be tattooed in black, although they can also be made in a monochrome way with a single colour, or also by choosing some varied inks, but the main thing is that the design does not get too complicated.

  • They can be an option for beginners. They are a great excuse to perfect your strokes and challenge yourself to make designs in a neat way and in a short time.

Other features

  • Not used to cover other tattoos. It could take a little longer to make them, and that is not the idea. Therefore, it is necessary to make it clear that it would be better to tattoo on another free area.

  • Designs are tattooed only once. This means that each design is intended to be used in a single tattoo and not multiple copies. Once it is designed and once it is tattooed. This very important.

Flash Tattoo Day, what are they about?

It is an event designed especially for this type of tattoo, it can last for more than one day. In this kind of event, several artists meet in a place for this type of practice, following the necessary hygiene measures, to advertise and exhibit their work.

The main idea is that only this style of flash tattoos be made and that the artists can show their portfolios and designs so that clients who want and wish to get tattooed can do so at that moment.

In general, since the purpose is to attract new clients and make the work of tattoo artists known, the designs usually have some discount in their prices.

In addition, those designs that are exhibited and tattooed are unique and cannot be tattooed again later.

The idea behind these events to have original designs as a challenge for tattoo artists!

And, on the other hand, it is also a special day for tattoo artists to share their experiences and, most importantly, being able to get out of the studio format, which can be very lonely at times.

It is a very good opportunity to collectivize work and support each other as artists and professionals. In addition, it encourages competition and learning from other people’s processes.

Flash Tattoo book

Although every good tattoo artist will want to tattoo their own designs, there are those who, lacking creativity, prefer to buy designs or copy them to be able to do their work.

This is the intention of Flash tattoo books which, as the name suggests, are literally books with designs for this type of tattoo.

In them, you could find all kinds of drawings that you modify or customize to give them your personal style.

In short, express tattoos for express advertising

As we told you at the beginning of the post, there are many ways to promote your work as an artist, and flash tattoos are a great opportunity. And not only to make your work known, but also to offer other possibilities and make very different clients happy.

In addition, these types of designs will allow you to attend events such as conventions and Flash Day Tattoo. Quick, simple, with your personal style, flash tattoos will be of great help to you. Have always your portfolio updated and at hand!