Benefits of Tattooing Blackwork Style

Explore why it's ideal for beginner tattoo artists


Are you aware of all the advantages of specializing in Blackwork tattoos?

Today, we bring you several reasons, both technical and creative (even economic), to delve into this versatile and accessible style.

Complex yet flexible, this tattoo specialty offers a wide range of possibilities and many difficulty levels and is highly sought after by clients.

All these aspects make it an ideal style, whether you're looking to enter the tattoo profession or already tattooing and interested in developing your personal style without being pigeonholed or too limited.

Join us to discover in-depth why this style is so attractive to learn.


Blackwork is pure minimalism; only black ink is needed to execute it. So, it’s not mandatory to know in-depth about color theory and how to mix colors, nor how the skin reacts to the different components of the color inks.

This simplicity streamlines techniques and helps simplify your workspace while reducing material costs.

When tattooing with black ink, you can see lines or gradients more clearly during the tattoo process. It’s a great wild card for the composition of designs since you can achieve high contrasts, sharp details and striking effects.


Tattooing in Blackwork style. Tattoo on synthetic skin. Training for tattoo artists

Despite appearing limited at first glance, it's incredible how many effects can be achieved with just one ink. From high-contrast designs playing with negative space to gradients created through scraping or dotwork and light effects that add volume... Blackwork is much richer and more permissive than one might imagine.

Contrary to what you might think, working with a single ink expands your creativity when composing and results in creations as intricate as simple.

Plus, working with a single, lower-density ink also facilitates the tattooing process, as the skin resists it less, especially if there are dilutions (many Blackwork artists use them).

Regarding results, Blackwork tattoos are less prone to sun damage, and saturations tend to hold up better than color tattoos (assuming they are well done). Hence, this type of tattoo remains solid with proper care and requires fewer touch-ups.


Another advantage of black ink is its less problematic composition compared to colored inks, which minimizes allergy risks and aids the tattoo healing process. This makes it lodge better in the dermis and helps it last longer.

Besides, it goes well with any skin tone, as there's not as much difference in its final look, meaning fewer limitations in your client base.


3 different tattoos in Blackwork style. Animal tattoo, skull tattoo, horror tattoo using only black ink.

Elegant and classic, yet dark and captivating, this style can attract anyone. 

With the countless themes and sub-styles of Blackwork, it's no wonder it's one of the most requested options by clients.

Those who specialize in it know how much one piece can vary from another. It's so versatile that you can mold it to your imagination and preferences.

This translates into better job opportunities and greater chances of getting commissions. No wonder why many artists have adopted Blackwork!


Aligned with the previous point, Blackwork offers so many creative possibilities that it imposes few restrictions when choosing what to depict. This advantage helps you develop your tattooing style.

From graphic, literary, pictorial and even cinematographic works, there are several sources of inspiration for this broad style. We could say that (almost) everything works for Blackwork, even the adorable... as long as you infuse it with its dark, characteristic mood.

Ultimately, the limit is your imagination and how far you want to play with your ideas and client requests.

Just bear in mind that the ability to draw for tattooing is key to standing out with your unique artistic signature.

Blackwork tattoo artist, Enric Rebollo, making a drawing for his 10 Masters training.


Many people wish to cover old tattoos because they no longer resonate with them or are unsatisfied with the final results. But this is such a complex and cautious task that it almost becomes a specialty in itself.

Still, those specializing in Blackwork possess skills that could easily blend with cover-ups, blackouts, or blast-overs.

Blackwork & Cover-up

The extensive use of solid black ink typical in Blackwork is perfect for covering large areas, providing freedom in designing a cover-up and reducing the risk of the underlying tattoo showing through.

Blackwork & Blackout

Large blocks of solid black are increasingly trendy, but good results are hard to achieve. So, those who master the dark fillings of Blackwork have an advantage when creating blackout tattoos.

Blackwork & Blast-over

Integrating a new piece with an old one without looking forced is challenging. But if you specialize in Blackwork and are creatively skilled, you could get captivating blast-over style tattoos.

Whether giving a second life to tattoos or completely covering them, Blackwork techniques can adapt well to the needs of these types of jobs.

In short, the use of intense blacks and the creative freedom offered by the Blackwork style serve as good preliminary training to provide a second chance to your clients' tattoos, without the need to go through the laser.


We would be lying if we said learning to tattoo Blackwork is a walk in the park. It comes with its challenges, too, and excelling at it is no easy feat:

  • Mastering its elements and techniques, such as line work, shadings, different dotwork types, and the contrast between saturations and negative space, requires several trials and errors to achieve the desired results.

  • Achieving solid fillings is essential to tattoo Blackwork; despite appearing easy, it's not. It requires total machine control, precise technique mastery, and a deep understanding of skin structure and behavior, especially to avoid compromising the final result.

  • Knowing how to draw is also crucial to understanding a design's composition, balance, and harmony and to better address client concerns... Given the broad possibilities and varying preferences, expectations can be complex.


Although Blackwork tattoos offer many advantages, it doesn't mean dedicating yourself to it is easy. It presents many challenges in designing, executing, and healing.

That's why it's so important to have the guidance of a trained and experienced master.

Either way, although some tattoo styles are less recommended for beginners, they are ALL difficult to some extent!

Though seemingly simple on the surface, the art of tattooing encompasses a vast and complex world of techniques, methodologies, and artistic inputs. Skills that can only be acquired and improved through constant practice, patience, and a high tolerance for change.

This profession is a journey of pure trial and error; there's no other way! But when approached with seriousness, commitment, and the right attitude, it can undoubtedly be one of the most rewarding paths for those wanting to live entirely from their art.

So, if you've been contemplating entering this fascinating craft for a while but haven't taken the plunge yet, or if you've been tattooing for some time and see an attractive opportunity in the Blackwork style... What better guidance than from a tattoo drawing professor with 25 years under his belt who specializes in Blackwork? 👉 MasterCourse: Blackwork Tattooing, with Rebollo.

training to learn Blackwork by Enric Rebollo in multidevice, mobile, tablet, desktop at 10 Masters