Are NFT's the future of tattoos?

Crypto world, a new growth opportunity for tattoo artists?


The recent technological revolution valued in cryptocurrencies of the NFTs (click here to learn more) is adding more and more followers from different branches of art, now it’s time for tattoo artists.

There are different types of artistic expressions, such as drawing, painting, photography or sculpture that have the possibility of being exhibited in museums and galleries, where they can be constantly appreciated and sold. In the tattoo sector, that possibility does not exist, since the work of art is on a living canvas.

A new and flattering panorama opens up when tattoo artists face the idea of ​​immortalizing their pieces through the NFT, breaking physical limitations, reaching another level of exposure and appreciation, where anyone could have access to buy and own a unique tattoo design. And many possibilities emerge: get it tattooed in the future, give it away, keep it as part of a collection or even to resell it.

Although in this profession, the artists gets paid for their tattooing, the blockchain technology offers them a second means to take advantage of their talent, and it’s an invitation to leave their comfort zone and redefine their valuable work.

Source: LOGOS; @balazsbercsenyi

Undoubtedly, for artists it is an excellent opportunity to be part of a rapidly expanding market, where their works acquire incomparable value, and this is why tattoo masters join the wonderful world of NFTs.

In addition to publicizing and monetizing their works digitally in cryptocurrencies, ownership is guaranteed for the artist. Even if it is sold, they are registered as the first owners and therefore, they can receive a commission each time a resale occurs.

Tattoo artists with NFT collections


This is the case of Scott Campbell, a tattoo artist from New York who has made designs for media figures such as Jennifer Anniston, Penelope Cruz, Marc Jacobs and Orlando Bloom. This renowned artist, along with other creators, decided to innovate and instead of using a pre-existing website, they created one exclusively for tattoo artists ( expose, offer, and market their tattoos as NFTs.

Source:; @scottcampbell


We can also mention Eva Edelstein an artist based in Paris, who, unlike Campbell, decided to publish her works in NFT fromat on the popular platform Rarible. The talented tattoo artist, with more than 70,000 followers on Instagram, offered a piece with 3 unique floral designs through a raffle, Eva decided that the new owner would be able to choose one of the three designs and attend her studio so that she can embody them on their skin. It really is a tempting opportunity!


Jean Maurez, a Venezuelan tattoo artist specializing in the Realism technique, was another valuable addition to the crypto world. The artist, who has a renowned studio in Argentina (Inknovae Tattoo Studio), created a collection of 5 NFTs called "Savage Tattoo", which he decided to publish on the Opensea website. The pieces are made up of realistic animal tattoos made by Jean and transformed into 3D digital art videos with different special effects. For publish it in the Metaverse, they did research. The combination is amazing, right?

Source: Still from the NFT "Savage Tattoo LION 5/5"; @jeanmaurez

As we have already seen, the crypto world is changing the tattoo sector, offering new possibilities when it comes to disseminating, perpetuating over time each piece chosen by the authors, giving both the artist and the viewer a new possibility of being able to buy and sell exclusive designs. As the tattoo artist Jean Maurez said: “The future is here, if you snooze you lose”.


Tattoo artist born in Moscow, Alexey has been tattooing Portrait style since 2011, with a combination of graffiti and creepy images, which honestly look incredible! Delving into digital art, he became the creator of a collection of NFTs on Opensea called "Mashkow. Are u real". On this occasion, the artist invites the viewer to "take his brain to another dimension" through Photorealistic designs with a vandalistic style, and animated in 3D by the "Are u Real" team and music by HEARSE.T.

Source: Sill from the NFT "Trinity ETH"; @_mashkow_


Canti is a tattoo artist from Spain specialized in the Neotraditional style and creator of the "Hybryk's" collection. Although its launch date was 03-03-22, the artist already began to exhibit on Instagram several models for sale at the beginning of the year, in order to tempt his audience. They are, exactly, 3000 pieces based on characters from movies, video games and anime, which have hidden prizes and advantages related to the brands.

Source: "#11 Hybryk SP" NFT; @canti___


Casa Salmón is a the private tattoo studio of several talented artists located in Barcelona. The place presented its first NFT “Coin 01” through a raffle, and they announced that the prize would also be the key to access a VIP membership with incredible advantages: no waiting for the next tattoo, having 50% off for 2 sessions, 2×1 every 12 months and a lot more more! They also inform that the first series will have 10 coins available, which will be released for sale on Opensea on March 15th, 2022.

Source: Still from the NFT "Coin 01"; @__casasalmon


Mulie is a sought-after tattoo artist born in Indonesia, who attends by appointment and the waiting list is one year! The artist has a collection called "Avatorigami" on Opensea, made up of 99 personalized avatars or alter egos. On his website, the author tells us his interesting and profound story of self-improvement, which led him to what he would call the 'style of universal appeal'. It really is worth reading.

Source: "Avatorigami G41k1ng" NFT; @tatorigami


Tattoo artist and muralist, Juan is an artist from Puerto Rico who explores mythological figures and also dedicates his art to the Hyperrealist style. He is a well-liked former participant of the tenth season of Ink Master, and this is not a minor fact. Recently, the artist created the “Tattoo Skullz Society” collection of 5,000 NFTs, where each of them will serve as a membership card, granting the buyer access to exclusive benefits.

Source: "Tattoo Skullz Society" NFT; @juan_salgado


Neotraditional style, focused on references from the fantastic, esoteric and cultural universe. The tattoo artist published a collection of 2D digital designs with an addition of very interesting animations. The pieces can be found on the Opensea website under the name “earthgrasper”.

Source: Still from the NFT "Stung"; @earthgrasper


Ann is a Russian tattoo artist who lives in Lisbon and dedicates herself to the handpoke technique, creating super delicate and original designs. She is a co-founder of Names Tattoo studio, and she has a collection of NFTs based mainly on symbolism. She loves to capture hidden meanings in her designs.

Source: "THE BURNING" NFT; @ann_pokes


Jamin is a recent tattoo artist in progress, who has a collection called “Mystic DragonZ” with 100 NFTs of dragons digitally designed in 2D, with varied and striking colours. In the Opensea description, he tells the personal obstacles he had to go through throughout his life until he rediscovered his passion for drawing.

Source: "MysticDragonZ #2" NFT; @jamin_tattoos

Here we have mentioned just some of the hundreds of tattoo artists who are exhibiting their works in the crypto world. If you are an artist in the tattoo sector, and you have a collection of NFTs, or if you know someone who does, let us know below.

We will gladly add them to the list! We are more than happy to see artists grow thanks to this new opportunity and we are excited to share it with our audience.

And you? what do you think about NFTs in the tattoo sector? Let us know!