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How to Tattoo a Realistic Hand

with Coreh López

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"Difficult body areas requires advanced skills"

Hand tattoos are not easy. Realistic tattoos on hands are even more difficult because you have to take many things into account since realistic tattoos tend to fade on problematic skins by their nature.

As I always say, ‘if you are a beginner, don't tattoo hands or complicated areas like the neck, feet or armpits’. ‘But, when will I be ready to tattoo them?’

In this course, besides teaching you how to tattoo Realism on the hand in two sessions, I will show you the materials I have used, the things you should keep in mind about the skin. I will also give you ideas to make spectacular compositions in areas like this.

Thanks to the information provided by this course, you will acquire the knowledge I have gained in the last ten years’ experience tattooing difficult areas.

You will learn how to make a composition to facilitate the application of details. Besides, you will learn the different parts of the hand: the knuckles, the sides of the hand and the wrist, among others.

This advanced Realistic Tattoo Tutorial features Full-HD videos along with 14 classes where I’ll teach you all the advanced tips about portrait tattoos. Apart from the complete process, this tutorial includes a lesson in which I’ll also show you the retouching process, and I’ll explain when and how it’s better to do it.

Throughout these lessons, you’ll learn:

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  • The most convenient photographs for these areas of the body.
  • Inks, needles, machines, and power supplies I use and why.
  • The stencil’s key elements and composition on complicated areas.
  • Which are the steps to follow to tattoo Realism on problematic skin.
  • How to create detailed areas.
  • How to achieve deep volumes and soft shadows.
  • How to place the needle and which direction you should follow to provide volume.
  • Do we need to do it in a single or double session?
  • How to shade without leaving needle marks.
  • How to tattoo the side of the hand and knuckles.
  • How to make realistic eyes in a portrait.
  • How to make the best glossy effect on the lips.
  • Big saturations and empty areas.
  • Use the freehand technique to achieve dynamism.

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14 classes · Duration: +6 hours · Quality: Full-HD · Language: English

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with Coreh López

  +89 hours
  From Beginner to Advanced

Despite what you may think, all realistic images are tattooed following the same steps. Should we start by working on the darkest or the lightest areas? Should details be left for last?

There’s always a right way to do it – and in my Mastercourse you'll learn what it is. I'll teach you my methodology, which basically consists in knowing what the appropriate steps to follow are, which type of needle or machine you should use for each tattoo, or why and how you should touch up realistic tattoos. I'll also tell you about composition, photo editing before starting the tattoo process, the workspace, and more. In order to do things correctly you must know what the correct way is.

Did you know that you can identify lines, shadows, and fills in an image through Photoshop?
Is the machine you use the one that works best for you?

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Coreh López

Realism Tattooist


Cristian López (Barcelona, 1986), known as Coreh López, is a professional tattoo artist specialised in Black and Grey Realism with more than 10 years of experience under his belt. His speciality is Organic Realism, saturations, and high-detail finishes.

Coreh López Works


10 lessons - 14 classes - +6 hours

1. Workbook: How to Tattoo Realistic Hands
26 pages +
2. Tattoo introduction
8 min +
3. Reference image for a hand tattoo
15 min +
4. How to tattoo a hand
19 min +
5. Course materials
18 min +
6. The stencil: analysis
7 min +
7. The tattooing process: 1st session
3h 20min +
8. The tattooing process: touch up session
2h 40min +
9. Hand tattoo healing process
16 min +
10. Closing lesson and fully healed tattoo
2 min +


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