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How to Tattoo Realistic Eyes

with Coreh López

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English Voices & Subtitles

Eyelashes, pupils, iris, saturations… Do these words ring a bell? In this Realistic tattoo course, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of a full and detailed tattooing process. Coreh will create a spectacular Realistic eye by using the very basics. This course is full of details and tips which, once you’ve learnt them, you’ll be able to add to your tattooing routine and better your technique.

Course Content

Start to Finish process · Duration: +3 h · Quality: Full HD · Language: English

This Realistic Tattoo Tutorial features Full-HD videos along 12 classes where Coreh will teach you the basic (and not so basic) procedures to tattoo any individual Realistic element. Machines, needles, lining, packing, shading... And so on.

Throughout these lessons, you’ll learn:

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  • How to identify the basic parts of an eye on the reference image.
  • Which needles, inks, tattoo machines and materials we’ll use throughout this course, and why.
  • How to correctly analyse the reference image before we start tattooing.
  • The most important aspects of a stencil.
  • Where to start tattooing an eye.
  • Which parts of the eye are completed by lining, packing, shading, saturating, stippling, and so on.
  • How to make fine and detailed eyelashes.
  • How to add texture to the iris.
  • How to tattoo big and small saturations to add a volumizing effect (without visible needle marks).
  • How to make soft and blurry shadows.
  • How to use blood lines to avoid the stencil from disappearing during the tattoo process.
  • How to make soft and natural eyebrows.
  • How to apply white highlights properly.
  • How to add a touch of grey to your pieces to make them more solid.
  • When – and how – you should touch up your tattoos. (Coming soon!).

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1. Workbook: Realistic eye
16 pages +
2. Tattoo Presentation
8 min. +
3. How to tattoo a Realistic eye
26 min. +
4. Course Materials
17 min. +
5. Analysis of the Stencil New!
8 min. +
6. Tattoo process Step by Step
2h 35 min. +
7. Eye Tattoo Review New!
13 min +
8. Closing
3 min. +

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Coreh López

Realism Tattooist


Cristian López (Barcelona, 1986), known as Coreh López, is a professional tattoo artist specialised in Black and Grey Realism with more than 10 years of experience under his belt. His speciality is Organic Realism, saturations, and high-detail finishes.

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