MasterClass: Realistic Animals
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How to tattoo Realistic Animals

Learn how to make it real from the experience of a Tattoo Master.

with Coreh López

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'Do you already know the difference between tattooing a cat and a tiger?'

They are the same… Right? That’s what they say… This is probably one of the major deceits when it comes to tattooing Realistic Animals.

There was no quality training in the tattoo industry, that's why most tattooists merely focused on teaching technique.

Should fur be made with the Magnum on its side? Do I have to outline the whiskers? How much white ink is do we need in the fangs?

And then, sink or swim!

OK, but… how should tiger whiskers be tattooed, then?

If you're the kind of person who only finds interest in answering these technical questions; or who tends to believe that the most important thing about tattooing a leopard is knowing how to tattoo the spots right… The best would be to find comfort on any YouTube video.

Putting the cart before the horse is worthless! Well, in this case, the mane before the lion.

We are here to learn. For real.

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We'll also talk about technique. A lot.

Of course, learning technique is essential but, on a regular basis, when a client asks you for a tattoo of their pet, they mean their cat and not just a random alley cat.

Or even worse! Imagine that their friends, instead of going crazy about your job and booking an appointment, they laugh at them for carrying that peculiar lion with hangover. That's when methodology and design become more relevant.

'How many animals did you tattoo make the last month?'

According to an Instagram survey in 2021, 83% of people who have realistic tattoos, want or already have an animal tattoo; either because of the special bond between them and their pets, or for what that particular animal represents. Sometimes, because it's trendy.

It's not confidential, realistic tattoo artists make many animal tattoos.

And when a client wants to have a lion tattoo, they usually take a peek at your lions on your Instagram profile first. Whether it's on human or synthetic skin… Never mind! They just need to see it first.

And this is precisely the main goal of this Master Class. Each and every episode has been created to help you and show your future clients that you are indisputably their best choice.

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Take a look at my last tattoos:

'The Ultimate Guide to Realistic Animals tattooing'

Despite what you may think, all realistic animals are tattooed following the same steps.

Should we start by working on the darkest or the lightest areas? Should hair be left for last?

There’s always a right way to do it technically– although the methodology for tattooing a tiger, a rhinoceros or a zebra is different.

And so that you know how to do it, in this MasterClass I teach you how to tattoo realistic animals starting from the right design, the conversation with your client, the edition of the reference picture, and of course the steps to achieve it, either on synthetic or human skin... In order to do things correctly you must know what the correct way is.

Did you know that the best way of preparing whiskers stencils... is the simplest way?
What if your client can't provide you a good resolution picture of his pet?

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From theory to practice

This program includes many hours of content in which I'll tell you about what I do before, during, and after the session of an animal tattoo.

You'll not only be able to watch an entirely process of a 3-sessions tiger portrait (raw and uncut) and a single-session white dog. Through my technique workshop, you'll learn how to tattoo any animal part separately, with exercises such as:

  • How to tattoo whiskers
  • How to tattoo an eye of a cat
  • How to tattoo animal fur (short, medium and a mane)
  • How to tattoo the mouth
  • How to tattoo the snout

Furthermore, thanks to the 10 Masters HUD, you are able to see which needle, ink, machine, and voltage I use at every moment. And you don’t have to get closer to your screen to see it in detail - we bring the image closer to you with Super-Zoom during the most technical moments of the videos.

Our Online Learning Platform enhances your tattooing skills

Some people say it’s impossible. They may be referring to courses that come with an expiry date, in which the tattooist only explains what works for them - and avoids mentioning their best tips.

Meanwhile, after 3 years of work, together with the 10 Masters team we’ve created the first - and only - specific platform that hosts an experience adapted to what we, as tattooists, need.

We are better than face-to-face seminars: ultra-close shots, tattooing at slow motion, an on-screen HUD, questions during the course, complete tattoos step by step in detail, downloadable documents… Plus there’s no expiry date, so you are able to watch it as many times as you want and reach out to me directly every time you have a doubt.

Some are saying that it's a ground-breaking innovation. However, the only thing I’m worried about is being able to teach you everything I know - and that you notice how your tattoos evolve from there on.

See you there!

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¿What's included?

+36 lessons · 7 Workshops · Tiger Tattoo & white dog process · +28 hours · WorkBook



12 classes · +7 hours · Quality: Full HD

'How should tiger's whiskers be tattooed?'

To make any kind of animal tattoo, first you must learn how to tattoo every section separately. Luckily for us, almost every animal has two eyes, one mouth, one nose, and fur.

In the advanced technique Workshop, you'll learn one step at a time how to make short and long fur, eyes, snouts, whiskers, fangs, tongues… In order to apply it on synthetic or human skin, depending on your level.

You'll be able to observe how I do it at all times and read the indications, to finally obtain the same result, at home.

Besides, if you send me your practice results, we’ll share them on our social media, and you can brag about your evolution. Every once in a while, I’ll update the course with an analysis of the best works of our students, so… No excuses!

Throughout these lessons, you’ll learn:

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  • How to tattoo tiger's whiskers.
  • How to tattoo using my 6-step method.
  • How to tattoo lines, fillings, shadows, saturations and highlights.
  • How to tattoo any animal hair.
  • How to practice on fake skin.
  • How to create realistic teeth and tongue.
  • How to make the nose and the eye of any animal.
  • Use different round mags to create hair effect.

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10 classes · +5 h · Quality: Full HD

"Let's start from the beginning..."

In this Master Class, I teach you the differences between a pet and a wild animal. Also, how to choose the perfect reference image and tricks for editing it, by analyzing one section at a time in order to achieve a higher level in your tattoos and your portfolio.

We've also included the Master Course's section called “Realistic tattooing technique” for you to learn everything you need to take into account when making lines, fillings, shadows, saturations, dot work and white highlights.

Throughout these lessons, you'll learn:

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  • Difference between tattooing pets and wild animals.
  • How to analize correctly the reference picture before starting the tattoo.
  • Where to start an animal tattoo.
  • Which pictures are the best choice for a beginner.
  • Big and small saturations (whithout needle marks)
  • How to achieve soft and unfocused shadows.
  • How to make blood lines.
  • White highlights mastery.

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Raw & uncut process · +6 h · Quality: Full HD

"Bigger is better"

In this Master Class, you can also witness a complete two-session tiger tattoo in the front row, which will be perfect to practice everything you've learned.

I'll teach you the necessary techniques to master realism even in the hardest parts, such as gums, teeth, whiskers… Plus, the methodology needed to successfully finish a tattoo that takes part of a full sleeve, made together with several artists.

This is where the platform scores brownie points because thanks to our 10 Masters HUD, you'll always know the ink, voltage, machine, and needle I'm using in real time.

What is more, a downloadable Workbook will be available with all the material, reference images and stencils I share with you throughout the course. And, of course, all along with my methods and techniques explained while I’m tattooing so that you can be ready for your next tattoos.

Throughout these lessons you'll learn:

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  • How to tattoo realistic tigers.
  • Which needles, dilutions, machines and power supply i choose and why.
  • The stencil's key elements.
  • Which are the steps to follow to tattoo any Realistic element.
  • How to create areas that are more focused in order to achieve photographic effects.
  • How to achieve deep volumes.
  • How to place the needle, and which direction you should follow to add volume.
  • Is Realism tattooed from dark to light tones, or the other way around?
  • How to shade without leaving needle marks.
  • How to tattoo the wrist and other areas with tendons.

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New Update!


Raw & uncut process · +6 hours · Quality: Full-HD

'A white animal is tattooed using white ink?'

After the success of the tiger tattoo process (included in this course) and several requests of the students, we have developed this complete process for you to take your animal tattoos to the next level, focusing on the most advanced techniques and how to tattoo white fur.

Through an uncut step-by-step process with ultra-close recordings during each stroke, you will learn:

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  • How to tattoo white fur
  • How to tattoo a white dog
  • How to tattoo in delicate skin
  • How to place a tattoo inside the biceps
  • How to use round magnum to create fur effect
  • How to avoid details in some areas to create realistic results
  • How to apply whites when your customer is about to give up
  • How to finish a tattoo in a single session

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3 lessons · +3 h · Quality: Full HD

'How a crocodile should be tattooed?'

Apart from watching the whole healing process of the tiger tattoo week after week, and by analyzing every stage of the healing process… In this episode, you'll learn a few more extra tips and interesting facts from my top 10 animal tattoos; which will help you make your clients as satisfied as mine.

Throughout these lessons, you'll learn:

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  • How and why some tattoos must be done in two sessions.
  • The differences between the fresh tattoo and the healed result.
  • How to achieve that light shadows remains in the dermis before the healing process.
  • Tricks to tattoo other animals such as monkeys, crocodiles...
  • My experience making pet tattoos.
  • My experience making tigers, lions and cheetahs tattoos.

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5 available templates · Verification QR code

We all like showing how we’re constantly learnink. Your clients like seeing it too. That’s why our 10 Masters Certificate, which you’ll receive when you finish the course, includes a QR code to verify that you’ve learnt with me. Plus, you’ll be able to choose between 5 different templates - so it fits your studio’s style.

Easy-to-watch Video Lessons

You'll complete the MasterClass at your own pace - Lifetime available

10 Masters is an Online Learning Platform that allows you to watch or listen to video lessons from the world's best tattoo artists.

With 10 Masters you can learn something anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. It is available on your smartphone, iPad or personal computer.

Access is easy: once you have enrolled in a course, visit your 10 Masters profile and there it will be waiting for you, ready to be completed.

Tattoo Hud
Tattoo Hud®
So that you know which dilutions, needles, machine, or voltage I’m using in real time.
Full HD Videos & Super Zoom
Full HD videos & Super Zoom
So you can see the tattoo in detail, as if it was right in front of your eyes (or closer)
E-book/Workbook in PDF
These are supporting documents that will guide you during the main course and give you extra content lessons.
Unlimited Access
Unlimited Access
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You can try 30% of the course. If it doesn’t fit your needs, contact us and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.
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100% English Audio
Captions, subs & all the resources are available in English, Spanish & French too.

If you have any questions about the MasterClass, you can get in touch with us filling out our contact form

Coreh López

Realism Tattooist


Cristian López (Barcelona, 1986), known as Coreh López, is a professional tattoo artist specialised in Black and Grey Realism with more than 10 years of experience under his belt. His speciality is Organic Realism, saturations, and high-detail finishes.

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