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Tattoos in the Yakuza culture
How to make express but stylish?

Tattoos in the Yakuza culture What is the Yakuza world about, and why are tattoos so important in that Japanese culture? Learn more here.

Henry Anglas: from marginality to fame
Learn about the case of a Realism artist.

Meet Henry Anglas, a renowned Realism artist who tattooed in the slums.

Eyeball tattoos, a risky trend?
All you need to know about these tattoos

Did you know that scleral tattoos could create permanent damage? Learn all you need to know about eyeball tattoos.

How to tattoo Realistic Portraits
Tips and tricks for tattooing realistic portraits

How to tattoo realistic portraits. Lose the fear and learn how to tattoo realistic portraits by following the 10 Masters step-by-step.

Tattoos as a form of therapy and expression
Interview with Caroline Gourdier, “the tattooed psychologist”

Tattoos are not a simple aesthetic modification, but are born from a deep need to express our emotions.

The sentimental value of tattoos
More than just a tattoo

A tattoo can be more than just a design. How does sentimental value influence people?

Realistic tattoo: a demanding style
Everything you need to know to tattoo realism

Realism is one of the most difficult styles to tattoo, but not impossible. How to learn to tattoo realism? Learn more here.

Tattoos in royalty
When ink breaks all protocols

Back in the days, it was believed that tattoos were not meant for all social classes. But, did you know that many royals wear tattoos?

Skinvertising: making publicity out of tattoos
The marketing tendency that involves tattoos

Advertising has reached even tattoos. Find out all about the tendency of advertising through tattoos.

Invisible tattoos, a safe trend?
Everything you need to know about invisible ink

Hiding a tattoo has never been so easy. We tell you everything about invisible tattoos and their risks. Discover how UV ink affects invisible tattoos.

Tattoo removal: laser technique
When the only solution is getting rid of our tattoo

Removing tattoos with laser technique. A solution for when you regret or no longer feel identified with your tattoo.

Tips for making your first tattoo
Everything you need to know to tattoo for the first time

Are you about to make the first tattoo as an artist? You must be having plenty of doubts, but keep calm. Here you have everything you need to know.

Differences between cosmetic and conventional tattoo
A permanent solution to make up?

Cosmetic tattoos are becoming more popular each day. Want to learn more about this technique?, keep reading.

Tattoos that last only 1 year
The new trend in tattoos that fade after a few months

A tattoo can last a lifetime… or not. The new trend in tattoos that fade after a few months.

White ink tattoos: Are they a good option?
White tattoos are as beautiful as they are complicated

White tattoos stand out for their originality and delicacy, but, what are they like?

Tattoos and Copyrights
When the illegal use of images also applies to tattoo designs

The illegal use of designs also applies to tattoos. What to do as a tattoo artist?, how can I avoid possible problems?

Unregulated tattoos: You get what you pay
Do you comply and enforce health regulations when you tattoo?

Failure to comply with health regulations puts at risk both the health of the tattoo artist and the client. Here we’ll tell you the consequences and how to proceed correctly.

Micro Tattoos… Do they last over time?
Micro tattoos are a trend, but do they last like the first day?

Micro tattoos are fashionable, and their result generate a great controversy. What happens to them over time? Learn more here.

Risks in red ink tattoos
The essential thing to get a red tattoo is to be well-informed

Red tattoos generate controversy, but here we will clear up all your doubts and recommend how to proceed.

8 historical figures who wore tattoos
No one would ever imagine that these historical figures were tattooed

Would you like to get tattooed with your favourite artist, even if they are miles away? 5G technology now makes it easy for you.

One wound that heals the other: Tattoos for scars
Excellent option for those who decide to transform their wounds

If you have a scar you want to get rid of, getting a tattoo is your best option. Learn more here.

What is the salary of a tattoo artist?
A profession of talent, perseverance, and a lot of responsibility

If you are thinking of becoming a tattoo artist, surely you must want to know how much you will earn, learn more here.

Tattoo inks: Composition, benefits and consequences
The result of your tattoo will depend on the choice of ink

If you are thinking about your next tattoo, the choice of ink is an essential factor. Here you have all the information.

Tattoos, do they affect the immune system?
Artificial intelligence arrives in the world of tattoo

There are many rumours about tattoos damaging the immune system, but how many of them are true?