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From drawing to stencil: how to make your templates
How to transfer your designs and the digital tools to use

Tattoo transfers can be done in many ways, but did you know you can do them digitally? Here we’ll tell you everything.

Tips for making your first tattoo
Everything you need to know to tattoo for the first time

Are you about to make the first tattoo as an artist? You must be having plenty of doubts, but keep calm. Here you have everything you need to know.

Differences between cosmetic and conventional tattoo
A permanent solution to make up?

Cosmetic tattoos are becoming more popular each day. Want to learn more about this technique?, keep reading.

Tattoos and Copyrights
When the illegal use of images also applies to tattoo designs

The illegal use of designs also applies to tattoos. What to do as a tattoo artist?, how can I avoid possible problems?

How to take care of a tattoo?
Advice for the healing process

The importance of taking good care of tattoos is essential to avoid infections and ensure their quality over time.

Tattoos that last only 1 year
The new trend in tattoos that fade after a few months

A tattoo can last a lifetime… or not. The new trend in tattoos that fade after a few months.

Tattoos and the Copycat effect
Tattoo plagiarism is so common that it even has a name

If you are looking for designs for a new tattoo, you have surely found many on the internet, but do you know who it belongs to? We tell you about the copycat.

Synthetic skins for tattooing
Practice tattooing without making mistakes on your clients

If you are starting to tattoo and you need to practice, don't do it on your clients’ skin! Try synthetic skins instead.

Learn how to draw for tattooing
Elements and techniques to draw and design your tattoos

In tattooing, knowing how to draw is fundamental. Here's how you can train one of the skills that best help you stand out as a tattoo artist.

Life as a professional tattoo artist
How is the day-to-day life of a tattoo artist

The life of a tattooist is exciting, what does it mean to be a professional tattooist? Do you want to know what their routines are like?

The world of tattoo… Art or business?
The modern alternative that monetizes your talent

The world of tattoo occupies a very important place in art, but can you make a living out of it? When is it art and when is it business?

Types of tattoo machines
What’s the best machine for you?

Have you entered the world of tattooing, but don't know which machine to buy? Come in and let us guide you.

Anime, Manga, and Comic Tattoos
History, characteristics, and standout artists

Ever dreamed of making a living tattooing your favorite characters? Discover all that Anime, Manga, and Comic tattoos have to offer.

Tattoos made by robots: Long distance art
Artificial intelligence arrives in the world of tattoo

Would you like to get tattooed with your favourite artist, even if they are miles away? 5G technology now makes it easy for you.

Tattoos during pregnancy
Should pregnant women get tattooed?

Many people wonder if tattoos affect pregnancy, but what is true about all this?

Clearing doubts, where does it hurt more to get a tattoo?
How to answer your clients' leading question?

If you're a tattoo artist, you'll know that what your clients fear the most is pain. Find out and inform for greater peace of mind.

Tattoos and blood donation: Unveiling myths
Artificial intelligence arrives in the world of tattoo

If you have a tattoo and want to donate blood, but you think it is not compatible, you should read this note.

Tattoos, do they affect the immune system?
Artificial intelligence arrives in the world of tattoo

There are many rumours about tattoos damaging the immune system, but how many of them are true?

Tattoo inks: Composition, benefits and consequences
The result of your tattoo will depend on the choice of ink

If you are thinking about your next tattoo, the choice of ink is an essential factor. Here you have all the information.

What is the salary of a tattoo artist?
A profession of talent, perseverance, and a lot of responsibility

If you are thinking of becoming a tattoo artist, surely you must want to know how much you will earn, learn more here.

One wound that heals the other: Tattoos for scars
Excellent option for those who decide to transform their wounds

If you have a scar you want to get rid of, getting a tattoo is your best option. Learn more here.

The controversial relationship between tattoos and fashion
The historical change of tattoos and their influence on fashion.

From marginality to haute couture, what impact do tattoos have on the world of fashion?

The most expensive tattoo in history
When a tattoo costs thousands of dollars

Getting a quality tattoo can be very expensive, but, is it overpriced or not? Learn more here.

Ornamental Tattoos: Decoration on your body
There are a thousand ideas for tattoos, but did you know the ornamental tattoos?

There are many ways to decorate the body with tattoos, some more complex than others, but did you know ornamental tattoos? Learn more here.