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Benefits of knowing how to draw for tattooing
How drawing helps you stand out as a tattoo artist

Wondering if you should know how to draw to tattoo? Come in and discover all the advantages of polishing your drawing skills.

Challenges of Tattooing with 3RL Needles
Tips for Tattooing with Single Needle Technique

Tattooing with 3RL needle? Learn challenges & tips from experts to reduce risks and make it your go-to needle.

Advantages of Tattooing with 3RL Needles
How to Make the Most of Single Needle Technique

Aware of the benefits of tattooing with 3RL? Discover how the Single Needle technique helps you tattoo what you like without hassle.

How to Achieve Solid Fillings in a Tattoo
Materials, techniques, and tips

Doubts about how to tattoo solid fillings without damaging the skin? Suit yourself with a series of tips and tricks to apply today.

Advice for beginners: Tattooing Lines
Common Issues When Tattooing Lines and How to Solve Them.

Need advice on tattooing lines for the first time? Get in to figure out how to tackle them with more confidence and less risk.

What do I need to be a professional tattooist?
Discover the skills you can't skip to dedicate yourself to tattooing

What skills are indispensable for tattooing? What can't you miss if you want to make a living from tattoos? Dive in to find out.

Pros and cons of printing with inkjet stencils
An ideal stencil method for realistic tattoos

Discover the perks of using Inkjet Stencil, a new printing method that's sharper, more precise, and detailed. Perfect for Realistic Tattooing!

The 5 Stages of a Tattoo Artist
Discover everything it takes to become a professional tattoo artist.

What does it take to be a tattoo artist? Discover the advantages and challenges of each stage in the professional tattoo artist's journey.

What to do if the tattoo stencil fades?
How to address a common issue in tattooing

Has your tattoo stencil faded in the middle of the session? Learn how to fix it step by step.

Glossary of tattoo terminology
The jargon every tattoo artist should know

The tattoo trade is full of unusual terms and complex vocabulary. Discover our ultimate dictionary for tattoo professionals.

Benefits of Tattooing Blackwork Style
Explore why it's ideal for beginner tattoo artists

Discover the advantages of tattooing Blackwork and find out why it's one of the most suitable styles for beginners.

How to self-manage as a tattooist
10 tips for effective organization and time optimization

Self-managing effectively is key to practicing the art of tattooing without overloading yourself. Find out how to optimize your time with these 10 simple steps.

How to create an impressive digital tattoo portfolio
Tips for showcasing your art in a captivating and effective way

Having a well-worked digital tattoo portfolio is essential to attract clients and better position yourself. Here's a step-by-step to create it effectively. 

Tattoos with the 'Filigree' Technique
History and characteristics of this elegant technique

If you are looking to tattoo in an elegant and attractive way, the Filigree technique may be the one. Given its origins in goldsmithing, this style brings very sophisticated details. Discover how to tattoo it!

How to showcase and promote your tattoos
Tips to attract and retain clients

What actions can help you get noticed and promote your tattoos? Here's how you can enhance your presence both locally and online.

Questions that clients fear to ask tattoo artists
And how to answer them by being a good professional tattooist

Rumours and myths surrounding tattooing create doubts and concerns among clients. How to answer what most people don't even dare to ask? Click here to find out.

How does the skin react to the healing process of a tattoo?
What every tattoo professional should know to achieve good and lasting results

What is the science behind the healing process of a tattoo? Why is it permanent? Discover the key to getting better results without damaging the skin when tattooing.

How to achieve a 'blast-over' in tattoos?
Tips to partially cover old tattoos

There are some ways to cover tattoos, but the blast-over came to change everything. Find out what it is, how to do it safely, and how to achieve incredible results.

How to say no to a tattoo you don't want to do?
The most rejected tattoo designs and tips to know how to say no

As tattoo professionals, sometimes you have to know how to say no. We tell you which are the most rejected designs and tips to deal with this uncomfortable situation.

What is a tattoo blowout and how to avoid it?
Tips and tricks to avoid expanding the line in a tattoo

Many problems can arise when tattooing. The blowout is one of the most feared by those who tattoo. You’re just a click away from knowing what it is and how to avoid it.

What is Blackwork tattoo style?
History and characteristics of the different sub-styles

Black ink tattoos are a classic and have been perfected into different styles in amazing ways. Want to know what Blackwork is all about? Get in!

Is it possible to design tattoos with AI?
The use of Midjourney in tattoo design

Artificial Intelligence is advancing so fast that it has allready begun to be used in tattoos. Many people believe that it can be designed with this tool, but it is really true?

How to make a tattoo stencil manually?
Benefits, utilities and step by step

The digital method is widely popular for creating tattoo templates, but as a beginner, it is crucial to learn how to do it manually. Here, we’ll tell you how and why to do it!

The best and the worst of being a tattoo professional
What is it like to be a tattoo artist?

The tattoo profession is indeed multifaceted, and it carries with it both benefits and challenges. Are you curious to learn about all that tattooing entails? Step inside and discover more about this intricate art form and profession.