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Power supplies for tattooing: tips to choose them
Everything you need to know about tattoo power supplies

Selecting the ideal power supply to tattoo is usually not easy. The options are many, and the doubts too, so here we detail everything you need to know to choose the best one.

Tattoo techniques: dotwork
Breaking down the dotwork technique applied to tattooing

Dotwork is one of the most popular tattoo techniques around, but it's a challenge to pull off. Want to know how to tattoo them? Come in.

How to mix tattoo inks?
Tips and advice for mixing colours

Colour tattooing has its secrets. One of them is how to mix colour inks and make them look good. Learn how to achieve unique shades with us.

Blackout tattoos: A risky trend?
Blackout style and how to reduce problems when tattooing it

The latest Blackout trend brings out tons of questions and issues. We answer all you need to know about this tattoo style.

What is Blackwork tattoo style?
History and characteristics of the different sub-styles

Black ink tattoos are a classic and have been perfected into different styles in amazing ways. Want to know what Blackwork is all about? Get in!

Common problems when using dilutions
Tips for solving problems when making dilutions

Using dilutions in tattoos is a great and unique option, but like any other technique, it can have its drawbacks. Here are some tips to help you address them.

The 3 pillars of tattoo design
Pillars of tattooing and tips to master them

In tattoo design there are three fundamental elements that you must know how to master: drawing, methodology and technique. Here we’ll explain what each of them is about, and we’ll give you some tips.

Anaesthesia: A safe method when having a tattoo?
Is anaesthesia the solution to a painless tattoo?

Tattooing with anesthesia is now possible, but is it a safe method?

Questions that clients fear to ask tattoo artists
And how to answer them by being a good professional tattooist

Rumours and myths surrounding tattooing create doubts and concerns among clients. How to answer what most people don't even dare to ask? Click here to find out.

7 myths and truths about tattoos
A lot has been said about tattoos, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Rumours, myths, and truths tend to spread easily. So, you must stay well-informed. Keep on reading to learn what people usually say about tattoos.

Tongue tattoos
Tattoos that are shown without mincing words

Many are looking to innovate in tattoos, and the places to do them are becoming more and more attractive. Here we tell you everything about tongue tattoos.

Ear tattoos, do they fade away easily?
Myths about ear tattoos

Tattoos are a trend nowadays, but there are some controversies around them. Is it true that they fade over time? Keep reading to know more.

Tattoos with the 'Filigree' Technique
History and characteristics of this elegant technique

If you are looking to tattoo in an elegant and attractive way, the Filigree technique may be the one. Given its origins in goldsmithing, this style brings very sophisticated details. Discover how to tattoo it!

Clearing doubts, where does it hurt more to get a tattoo?
How to answer your clients' leading question?

If you're a tattoo artist, you'll know that what your clients fear the most is pain. Find out and inform for greater peace of mind.

Busy Season and Slow Season in tattoos
Tips for your tattoo business to prosper

During peak work seasons, everything seems to be good news. But what to do in the low seasons? Here are some tips for you to get through these moments in creative ways.

The world of tattoo… Art or business?
The modern alternative that monetizes your talent

The world of tattoo occupies a very important place in art, but can you make a living out of it? When is it art and when is it business?

Tattoos and the Copycat effect
Tattoo plagiarism is so common that it even has a name

If you are looking for designs for a new tattoo, you have surely found many on the internet, but do you know who it belongs to? We tell you about the copycat.

How to take care of a tattoo?
Advice for the healing process

The importance of taking good care of tattoos is essential to avoid infections and ensure their quality over time.

Best tattoo design applications
Check out the software you need to know

Find out the best tattoo apps for designing and sketching your designs before starting your work.

Do dermal tattoo patches really work?
Myths and truths about this patch

Good healing is essential to guarantee the durability of tattoos. These products play an essential role. But, are dermal patches a definitive solution? Here we tell you.

Pitta KKM, an artist of colour
The Korean Artist, Pitta KKM, a master of colour tattooing

The colour tattoo has its complexity and even more when it comes to designs with patterns. Here we introduce you to the South Korean artist Pitta KKM, who masters the technique exceptionally. Enter here to find out more.

Do tattooed people have different psychological traits?
Myths and truths about this belief

Much has been said about tattooed people’s personality. Let’s talk about the truths and myths of this belief.

Do tattoos improve self-esteem?
Interview with Caroline Gourdier, the tattooed psychologist

Feeling good with yourself is essential, but can tattoos contribute to this? A psychologist explains why.

Tattoo artist-client relationship: Red flags and tips
Knowing how to tattoo is important, but knowing how to treat your client is essential

If you are a tattoo artist, it is extremely important that you pay attention to how to treat your client correctly. Here we tell you how.