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How to say no to a tattoo you don't want to do?
The most rejected tattoo designs and tips to know how to say no

As tattoo professionals, sometimes you have to know how to say no. We tell you which are the most rejected designs and tips to deal with this uncomfortable situation.

Is it possible to design tattoos with AI?
The use of Midjourney in tattoo design

Artificial Intelligence is advancing so fast that it has allready begun to be used in tattoos. Many people believe that it can be designed with this tool, but it is really true?

How to make a tattoo stencil manually?
Benefits, utilities and step by step

The digital method is widely popular for creating tattoo templates, but as a beginner, it is crucial to learn how to do it manually. Here, we’ll tell you how and why to do it!

The best and the worst of being a tattoo professional
What is it like to be a tattoo artist?

The tattoo profession is indeed multifaceted, and it carries with it both benefits and challenges. Are you curious to learn about all that tattooing entails? Step inside and discover more about this intricate art form and profession.

What is the 'stroke' of a tattoo machine?
General characteristics of the stroke and its importance when tattooing

The stroke in a tattoo machine refers to the length of travel the needles must have, and knowing how to master it guarantees a good result. Here, we'll tell you how to do it.

How do the inks behave on different skins?
Pigment transformations in different skin tones

Skins are not a blank canvas. Humans distinguish themselves by having different skin tones. Therefore, knowing how to tattoo on dark or light skin is challenging. Here, we’ll tell you everything.

The Circus and its impact on the tattoo industry
How Sideshows Helped Make Tattooing Popular

Did you know that the display of tattoos in circuses helped fuel the modern tattoo industry? Learn about the fascinating history of the Sideshows.

When should you touch up a tattoo and when not?
How to set boundaries on your work and avoid overdoing touch-ups.

Good healing is essential to guarantee the durability of tattoos. These products play an essential role. But, are dermal patches a definitive solution? Here we tell you.

All about freckle tattoos
The tattoo of freckles is a technique that is causing a sensation on social media.

Freckle tattoos became a rage on social media. In the past, many people were embarrassed to have them, but now everyone wants to get them tattooed. Do you want to know how to make them? Learn more here.

How to design tattoos with Procreate?
All the tips and tricks to make a digital design

For tattoo artists, the use of Procreate is essential. That's why here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this application to design your tattoos in the best way.

Get to know the artist David Peyote, and his psychedelic tattoos
Techniques and tips to achieve excellent lettering

Tattooing in colour can be quite a challenge. Still, for the artist David Peyote, it is a hurdle he easily overcomes. Allow us to introduce you to this remarkable individual - a true maverick in the world of tattooing, renowned for his distinctive style.

How to tattoo lettering?
Techniques and tips to achieve excellent lettering

Lettering is a technique used to design letters in creative and original ways. But capturing them on the skin is more complex than it seems. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the letter tattoo.

Cover-up or laser removal, which option is best?
Analyzing the best option for when a tattoo no longer pleases

Among tattoo artists and clients, there is great debate about fixing an old tattoo. Many choose to cover up, while others believe it is best to remove the tattoo permanently. But who is right? Learn more here.

Is the iPad the best tablet for designing tattoos?
Thinking about the best tattoo hardware

The use of Apple devices in tattooing has become very popular, but the question is: is the iPad the best tablet for tattoos? Learn everything here.

The chromatic circle and its importance in colour tattoos
Tips and recommendations for tattooing in colour

To tattoo in colour, it is necessary to know the inks and how to merge them. Do you want to know more? Click here to know more.

How can CBD help with tattoos?
The use of CBD in tattoo products

Cannabis can have different benefits, such as being included for medicinal and therapeutic use. Is it possible that it also helps tattoos? Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Is it a good idea to use Vaseline on tattoos?
Basic elements for tattooing

To tattoo, it is necessary to use more than one product. Vaseline is often common, but is it a safe product? What are its pros and cons? Learn more here.

Many tattoo artists decide to tattoo themselves for different reasons, but how recommendable is this practice? Are there any risks? Learn more here.

Beginner Tattoo Kit
Basic elements for tattooing

To tattoo, it is essential to respect the safety and hygiene regulations. But what are they? What protocols must be followed? Learn everything you need to know here.

Homemade tattoos: risks and consequences
Why you should not do them and what are their risks

Amateur tattooists sometimes resort to very risky ways of tattooing. Learn more here.

Safety and hygiene are essential for tattooing
Every tattoo artist has to respect the following rules

To tattoo, it is essential to respect the safety and hygiene regulations. But what are they? What protocols must be followed? Learn everything you need to know here.

Reasons to tattoo in winter
Advantages and care of tattoos in winter

The healing processes tend to vary considerably according to the seasons of the year. Many artists recommend tattooing in winter for its high benefits, but what is true about this? Learn more here.

Psychology and Tattoos
What does psychology say about tattoos?

There are endless reasons why someone gets a tattoo, but what does psychology say about it? Here we tell you everything.

How to make pet Tattoos
Tips and advice on tattooing pets

Pet tattoo. For some people, pets are essential, and they consider them as part of their family. To have them closer, many decide to get a tattoo with their images. Learn more here.