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Safety and hygiene are essential for tattooing
Every tattoo artist has to respect the following rules

To tattoo, it is essential to respect the safety and hygiene regulations. But what are they? What protocols must be followed? Learn everything you need to know here.

Reasons to tattoo in winter
Advantages and care of tattoos in winter

The healing processes tend to vary considerably according to the seasons of the year. Many artists recommend tattooing in winter for its high benefits, but what is true about this? Learn more here.

Is there a standard voltage for tattooing?
Myths and truths about voltages and machines

Voltage is a difficult aspect to determine when tattooing. Some people believe that an exact value can be set for each use, but is it possible?

How to make pet Tattoos
Tips and advice on tattooing pets

Pet tattoo. For some people, pets are essential, and they consider them as part of their family. To have them closer, many decide to get a tattoo with their images. Learn more here.

Mattia Calvi and the “destructured” tattoos
A cheerful and very different style of tattoos

The artist Mattia Calvi has achieved a very original style which he called “destructured” tattoos, and his work is very recognizable for several reasons. Click here to discover them!

Power supplies for tattooing: tips to choose them
Everything you need to know about tattoo power supplies

Selecting the ideal power supply to tattoo is usually not easy. The options are many, and the doubts too, so here we detail everything you need to know to choose the best one.

Ear tattoos, do they fade away easily?
Myths about ear tattoos

Tattoos are a trend nowadays, but there are some controversies around them. Is it true that they fade over time? Keep reading to know more.

How to tattoo color Realism?
Everything you need to know to tattoo this style

The realistic tattoo is one of the most complex, especially regarding color. To master the use of inks in Realism, it is necessary to know a few tricks. Here we tell you which ones.

Tongue tattoos
Tattoos that are shown without mincing words

Many are looking to innovate in tattoos, and the places to do them are becoming more and more attractive. Here we tell you everything about tongue tattoos.

Science inspired tattoos
When arts and science come together

Tattoos inspired by science. For lovers of exact and natural sciences, there is an option for tattoos. There are many possible designs, do you want to know more? Learn more here.

The role of women in tattooing
The feminist current in the world of tattooing

Women and tattooing. Discover the women who have made history in the world of tattooing throughout the ages.

How to tattoo perfect lines?
The importance of accurate lines

Tattooing lines seems like an easy task, but it's not! Achieving perfect and neat lines is one of the most difficult things there is. Here we tell you all the tricks to get the best results.

How to create your tattoo style?
Find an original style without copying

With practice and learning, anyone can tattoo well. Still, there is something more challenging: not everyone can achieve their style. This article will tell you everything you need to know to reach your style in tattoos.

Tattoo techniques: dotwork
Breaking down the dotwork technique applied to tattooing

Dotwork is one of the most popular tattoo techniques around, but it's a challenge to pull off. Want to know how to tattoo them? Come in.

All about tattoos on the eyelids
Tips and advice when tattooing

Tattoos are taking different ways since there is no longer an area of ​​the body that has not been tattooed before, as it happens with eyelid tattoos. Learn more here.

Patch tattoos?
The trend in tattoos that look like embroidery

Realism in tattoos is doubling down, including tattoos that look like embroidered into the skin! Learn more about this style here.

The oldest tattoo kit in the world
A tattoo tool that is thousands of years old

We know tattoos are thousands of years old, but did you know that there were kits to make them? Learn more here.

How to tattoo realistic animals
Tips and advice to make realism in animals

Would you like to tattoo realistic animals? Learn to tattoo realistic animals following the advice of 10 Masters.

Biogenetic Tattoos: Inks with DNA
Tattoos could now contain DNA from loved ones

Tattoo inks have been perfected in amazing ways with new technologies. And this company has created a product that can include DNA! Do you want to know more? Learn more here.

Ignorant Tattoo, a style to break rules
A very controversial tattoo style

New tattoo styles are emerging and the Ignorant Tattoo is one of them. We’ll tell you about a style whose only rule is sloppiness.

Tattoo Styles not recommended for beginners
If you are a beginner tattooist, do not start with these styles

We tell you which are the least recommended tattoo styles for beginners and why it is better that you do not start tattooing these styles.

The Brutal Black Project: when pain is the protagonist
What is this controversial experience about?

Brutality, savagery, pain and more pain. That's what this experience is about. Do you want to learn more?

Sailor Jerry, the sailors' tattoo artist
Who is he and why is he so important to tattooing

Many artists are considered pioneers in the world of tattooing, but this artist was undoubtedly one of the most important. Who is Sailor Jerry?

Minimalism: FineLine tattoos
Features and tips for tattooing this style

For minimalistic, discreet and subtle tattoos, Fine Line is a great option. Here's what you need to consider when tattooing it.